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Headquarters: Middelton, WI, United States
Local Governments Helped
Purcellville, VA
Bar Harbor, ME
Bryan, TX
Polco is a civic engagement platform for local government to help improve citizen communications, voter participation, and government transparency.
Services provided
Local officials post their questions by filling out a few Google-forms-like fields. Relative to traditional online polling tools, each question can also have background details with videos, images, external links, and rich text to help better inform respondents.Polco then works with our partners to share these questions and surveys throughout their communities, to best meet respondents where they are and drive maximal response. All respondent data comes back to the Polco database where it is verified and analyzed. We cross-reference against the voter registration database (and other membership roster data sets you might have) and use that to monitor and report the response rates of, and breakdowns by different districts, demographics, and more.
1st, VETCON Pitch Competition
1st, Greater Madison Chamber of Commerce Pressure Chamber