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All about pursuing a smart city vision: specifically, how cities are addressing citizen pain points and improving city operations through better use of data and technology.

Buzzword Bingo: Why Cities and Govtech Startups Talk Past Each Other
Why cities and govtech companies talk past each other and how to fix it. Communicating value provided to citizens is absolutely key.
The Ray: turning highways into infrastructure technology testbeds
Interview with Allie Kelly, Executive Director of The Ray, an organization transforming highways into testbeds for infrastructure innovations.
Street light poles are really valuable. Do you know why?
Street light poles are one of cities' most valuable assets, but most cities don't recognize that and risk giving that value away to the private sector.
Harvard Innovation Accelerator Takeaways for Cities
27 cities participated in the Harvard Innovation Accelerator in San Diego, CA to jumpstart progress on smart cities initiatives. Here are our takeaways.
Water infrastructure innovations are not scaling in the US. Why?
While the United States produces tons of innovations, it's behind in water infrastructure innovation. Learn some reasons why and some ideas to improve.
Cities, AKA laboratories of innovation
Cities are attempting to balance essential needs of their citizens while fostering a culture of innovation. Infastrucure Week shares some success stories.
Atlanta smart cities projects: they have arrived!
The City of Atlanta held "Experience Smart ATL" this fall. The event signaled that Atlanta smart cities projects have reached a new level of maturity.