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How cities and other local governments are building more resilience into their water, transportation, communications and other systems.

New Orleans is taking resilience from strategy to operation
A deep look at how the City of New Orleans successfully completed stages of infrastructure predevelopment to construct citywide green infrastructure.
Cities to Participate in Procuring Resilience Workshop: First 4 Announced!
First four city participants in the Procuring Resilience Workshop - a collaboration between The Atlas, re:focus and the Kresge Foundation - are announced.
Stormwater overflows prevented in the City of Orlando
Learn about how the City of Orlando, Florida is using sensors to monitor their lakes and prevent stormwater overflows in an award-winning project.
Hoping Houston becomes more resilient post-Harvey
Ideas for making Houston more resilient, after thousands lost homes, possessions and memories in Houston in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.
Cities to Participate in Procuring Resilience Workshop: Final List Announced!
6 cities will come together to take action in upgrading water infrastructure systems at the Procuring Resilience Workshop. Here is the final list.
Communicating flood risk to homeowners is essential to resilience
Many precautions can be taken to protect homeowners from a flood. But flood risk is inevitable in heavy rains and we must be prepared for it as a community.
Miami-Dade walking the walk on resilience post-Irma
Since 1990, Miami-Dade officals have been focusing on resilient projects to survive a hurricane like Irma. Read the reflection about navigating the risks.
Resilient stormwater systems: 3 ways local governments can get started
The San Diego Regional Climate Collaborative helped San Diego develop stormwater projects. Here are some tips to help your city become more resilient.
Stress tests needed for cities, our nation’s beating hearts
We rely on cities for nearly everything in our lives, just like we do our hearts. That's why cities, our nation's beating hearts, need stress tests.