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  • Moulton Niguel Water District: Not Using Less, Wasting Less

    Orange County, CA, USA

    To reduce its reliance on imported water, Moulton Niguel Water District (MNWD) has heavily invested in water use efficiency and reuse as alternative sources of supply.

    General Fund/Existing Public Funds
    Taxes & User Fees
  • Greenhouse Gas Inventory used to inform Implementation of Climate Action Plan

    Palo Alto, CA, USA

    City of Palo Alto's rigorous accounting practices and communication plans integrated into its Sustainability and Climate Action Plan helped each city department identify opportunities to reduce fuel and energy costs to increase ef...

    State and local grants
    City Department of Environment
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    Stormwater Capture, Habitat Restoration, and Learning Center on Recycled Water Campus

    Pico Rivera, CA, USA

    The GRIP AWTF will not only provide a sustainable water supply, but will also create a park-like open space and education facilities with public amenities. The site will include low-impact development and stormwater capture featur...

    Revolving loan funds
    Design-Build Contracts
    Public Works
  • Using Advanced Water Treatment Facility to Replenish Central Groundwater Basin

    Pico Rivera, CA, USA

    GRIP Advanced Water Treatment Facility will purify ~9 million gallons of water daily to replenish groundwater aquifers in Los Angeles, replacing use of expensive imported water. The innovative design will include a learning center...

    Bonds & Loans
    Revolving loan funds
  • Canyonside Recycled Water Pump Station Emergency Repairs for Flood Damage

    San Diego, CA, USA

    City crews worked long hours to install temporary pumps and generators; the pumps were operated manually 24 hr/day, shifts scheduled around the clock to keep pumps running and site secure. The City returned the Pump Station to fu...

    General Fund/Existing Public Funds
    Federal grants
    Public Utilities, Public Works Department and Office of Homeland Security
  • Upgraded wastewater treatment to a level acceptable to reuse on crops.

    Hermiston, OR, USA

    The city needed to upgrade its effluent to discharge into the Umatilla River. After extensive study and research, the best solution was determined to be treating the water to the level that it could be applied to regular crops. So...

    Revenue bond
    Revolving loan funds
    Utility rates
    Recycled Water Treatment Department
  • Terminal Island Advanced Water Purification

    Los Angeles, CA, USA

    Construction of an Advanced Water Treatment Facility (AWPF) at Terminal Island Water Reclamation Plant (TIWRP) to provide safe recycled water for potable reuse for the surrounding area. The planning of this project started in 1985...

    General Fund/Existing Public Funds
    Bonds & Loans
    + 1
    Department of Engineering
  • North Valley Regional Recycled Water Program

    "The North Valley Regional Recycled Water Program (NVRRWP) is a recycled water program located in California’s San Joaquin Valley that will convey recycled wastewater from two cities, Modesto and Turlock, via a pipeline to the Del...

  • Western Corridor Recycled Water Project

    Multi-phase project includes 3 advanced wastewater treatment plants, 8 storage tanks, 9 pumping stations, and a 200km pipeline. Project is part of the Southeast Queensland Water Grid.

  • Redwood City Recycled Water Project, Phase I

    In response to the City's growing population and overuse of their allocated water from the City's only water source, Hetch Hetchy, the City of Redwood City implemented Phase 1 of a water recycling program to increase local water s...