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  • City of Austin uses sound monitors to understand venue and music festival noise pollution

    Austin, TX, USA

    The City of Austin recognizes big music festivals are an important contribution to city vibrancy and viability, but may cause noise pollution for nearby neighborhood residents. Working with a new sound monitor, the city was able t...

    Public Private Partnership
    Economic Development Department
  • City of Longmont looks to sound monitors to understand nightlife economy and public safety

    Longmont, CO, USA

    The City of Longmont recognizes music festivals to be an important contribution to city vibrancy and viability, but cause noise pollution for nearby neighborhoods. Working with new sound monitors, the city intends to be able to se...

    Public Private Partnership
    Police, Economic Development, City Manager
  • Connected Lighting Pilot in Baltimore Demonstrates 50%-60% Energy Savings

    Baltimore, MD, USA

    As part of the Baltimore Bright program, which is converting the City's current streetlight fixtures to LED, the connected lighting pilot is helping the City prioritize areas for lighting upgrades based on 311 and traffic data, an...

    Public Private Partnership
    Mayor's Office
  • Building a Smarter Sewer System to Reduce Overflows in Greater Cincinnati

    Cincinnati, OH, USA

    To keep sewage mixed with stormwater out of waterways during rain events, Metropolitan Sewer District built a smarter sewer system that costs less than any other solution. Using sensors and computers, we can now monitor and redire...

    General Fund/Existing Public Funds
    Metropolitan Sewer District of Greater Cincinnati (MSD)
  • Washington D.C. - Success with DDOT's parkDC: Penn Quarter/Chinatown Parking Pricing Pilot

    Washington, DC, USA

    The parkDC pilot sought to use technology, pricing, and real-time information to make parking easier and reduce congestion in part of downtown Washington, DC. Due to the success of the pilot DDOT is currently working to expand dem...

    Federal grants
    State and local grants
  • Reducing Data Silos + Using Machine Learning to Deliver Real Time, Actionable Insights in Chicago

    Chicago, IL, USA

    A custom platform in Chicago helped reduce departmental data silos and make progress on public safety, transportation, air quality, emergency response, and other resident prioritized pain-points. This effort was a key first step i...

    Public Private Partnership
    Chief Information Officer
  • Safer roads with the conversion of 6,800 roadway lights to LED technology

    Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico

    Upgrade of 6,800 HID roadway lighting luminaires with high luminous efficacy LED technology of up to 130 lm/W, to improve road safety and public safety in 68 locations, among them: major city roads, bridges or junctions, and the c...

    General Fund/Existing Public Funds
    Utility rates
    Department of Municipal Public Services
  • Ewart Avenue Stormwater iPond: Controlling Runoff in the Cloud

    Beckley, WV 25801, USA

    The iPond is an intelligent stormwater management project, developed in response to a persistent problem of roadway flooding and property damage in Beckley, West Virginia. Beckley Sanitary Board (BSB) partnered with Opti to retrof...

    General Fund/Existing Public Funds
    Beckley Sanitary Board
  • Pilot Deployment of Sensing Street Lights

    Atlanta, GA, USA

    1 year pilot deployment of 200 smart nodes attached to connected LED streetlights. Nodes contain cameras, microphones, environmental sensors, CPU, and storage that allows for multiple applications to run on each light. This netwo...

    General Fund/Existing Public Funds
    Public Private Partnership
    Department of Public Works