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  • Financing Renewable Energy Project with Crowdfunding in Holyoke, MA

    Holyoke, MA, USA

    ESG Clean Energy is raising community-based capital from local investors to fund the development of a renewable energy project in partnership with the local power provider. Community-level renewable energy projects can be difficul...

    Innovative Finance
  • How DC’s smart city initiatives don’t sacrifice privacy for safety

    Washington, DC, USA

    In 2016, DC launched Pennsylvania Avenue 2040 (PA2040), a smart city initiative with the goal of enhancing citizen experience. The City focused first on delivering publicly accessible Internet through OCTO-sponsored outdoor DC-Net...

    General Fund/Existing Public Funds
    Office of the Chief Technology Officer
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    Point of Use Drinking Water Testing for Lead and Copper Rule (LCR) Compliance, Lead Service Line Replacement (LSLR) and Customer Request Programs

    Pittsburgh, PA, USA

    LCR Compliance, Lead Service Line Replacement and Customer Requests exponentially increased the number of point of use water quality tests the Pittsburgh Water & Sewer Authority needed to execute.120WaterAudit's software, kits and...

    General Fund/Existing Public Funds
    State and local grants
    Utility rates
    Pittsburgh Water & Sewer Authority, Pittsburgh Mayors Office
  • Kansas City leverages smart technology on streetlights to optimize downtown development investments

    Kansas City, MO, USA

    Downtown development in Kansas City, MO did its job to connect communities, but created new challenges that the city had to manage including increased traffic.

    General Fund/Existing Public Funds
    Public Works Department & Chief Innovation Officer
  • Investment Crowdfunding Used To Finance Green Infrastructure Pilot Project in VA

    Fairfax, VA, USA

    Crowdfunded debt used to finance green infrastructure pilot project in Fairfax County VA

    Bonds & Loans
    Public Private Partnership
    Innovative Finance
    + 1
    Deputy County Executive
  • City of South Fulton adopts mobile-first resident communications

    Atlanta, GA, USA

    The City of South Fulton, GA has adopted a mobile-first online community engagement platform to shift to a digital communication strategy, provide citizens with centralized access to online services and information, and directly c...

    State and local grants
    Social Impact Bond
    Advertising Revenue
    Mrs. Melanie Winfield, Assistant City Manager & Mr. Namarr Strickland, IT Director
  • Build Reliability Centered Maintenance Program

    Central Valley, California 96080, USA

    This client wanted to build a Reliability Centered Maintenance Program, but did not have adequate budget to perform analysis and implementation at one time. Because there was repair, replace, and rehab work coming up, the client i...

    General Fund/Existing Public Funds
    City Engineers
  • Real-time Sanitary Sewer Flow Monitoring Optimizes Service, Enables Surveillance for Public Health

    Edmonton, AB, Canada

    EPCOR, which provides municipal drinking & wastewater treatment services to City of Edmonton, harnesses automation & real-time data to increase operational efficiency and deliver of essential services. The water analytics system i...

    Utility rates
    Drainage Services
  • MN Water District and High School Collaborate on Stormwater and Education

    Forest Lake, MN, USA

    A common goal was discovered between multiple organizations in the Forest Lake area to improve both stormwater reuse and stormwater education. The partnership that developed ultimately created a curriculum to teach students about ...

    State and local grants
    Forest Lake Area Schools
  • Applying Adaptive Stormwater Control Technology in KCMO

    Kansas City, MO, USA

    The City of Kansas City, MO has implemented Opti technology at an existing 1.1 million-gallon stormwater storage facility located within City limits. With Opti, Kansas City is able to directly reduce CSOs and cost-effectively meet...

    General Fund/Existing Public Funds
    City Manager’s Office at City of Kansas City, MO