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  • Philadelphia Water Department - Participation in green stormwater infrastructure incentive program

    Philadelphia, PA, USA

    Institutional ratepayer participation in PWD’s Greened Acre Retrofit Program to install green infrastructure on their private property and bring multiple benefits to vulnerable communities.

    General Fund/Existing Public Funds
    Philadelphia Water Department
  • Using localized green infrastructure to combat CSOs in Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District

    Milwaukee, WI, USA

    Comprehensive localized green infrastructure strategies across public and private properties to combat flooding.

    General obligation bond
    Utility rates
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    Using Green Infrastructure to Build Stormwater Farm that Combats Flooding and Revitalizes Community

    Peoria, IL, USA

    Peoria's Well Farm transforms vacant land in one of the US' poorest zip codes into a working farm that combats flooding. Green stormwater infrastructure (GSI) reduces sewer overflows while simultaneously addressing key community p...

    Federal grants
    Chief Innovation Officer & Department of Public Works
  • Retain Your Rain

    Norfolk, VA, USA

    Retain your rain seeks to engage residents in a city-wide systemic approach to stormwater management by encouraging the use of small-scale green infrastructure on their properties. This reduces the amount of water that goes into t...

    General Fund/Existing Public Funds
    City Manager's Office of Resilience
  • Stormwater Capture, Habitat Restoration, and Learning Center on Recycled Water Campus

    Pico Rivera, CA, USA

    The GRIP AWTF will not only provide a sustainable water supply, but will also create a park-like open space and education facilities with public amenities. The site will include low-impact development and stormwater capture featur...

    Revolving loan funds
    Design-Build Contracts
    Public Works
  • Lloyd Estates Drainage Improvements

    Oakland Park, FL, USA

    Retrofits to existing stormwater control structures and have constructed new exfiltration trenches, catch basins & manholes, and roadside swales to deal with repeat flood losses. Retrofits seamlessly integrate both green (grass sw...

    Federal grants
    Department of Public Works
  • Gowanus Canal Sponge Park

    "The Gowanus Canal Sponge Park is a multifunctional public open space system that slows, absorbs and filters surface water runoff to remediate contaminated water, activate the canal waterfront, and control stormwater runoff. After...

  • Deaderick Street

    Green infrastructure streetscape redesign addresses combined sewer overflow in a pedestrian friendly area via bioretention planters, landscaping of native species, bioswales, sidewalks of permeable pavement, and planting shade tre...

  • Green Infrastructure Implementation Project

    Green infrastructure program to reduce combined sewer overflow through storm sewer conveyance to the Fox River via a constructed wetland, and permeable pavement, bioswales, trees, and rain gardens for biofiltration via native spec...

  • Hunter's Point South

    Converts industrial brownfield to green space and housing. Designed to accommodate coastal flooding with porous pavement, bioswales, native species of plants and trees, restored marshlands, and a newly separated sewage and stormwa...

  • Newport Boulevard Bioswale Improvements

    Hydrodynamic separator removes 100% of floatable debris and oils from stormwater runoff before water enters a bioswale and flows into Newport Bay; the hydrodynamic separator includes a self-cleaning screen for minimal maintenance.

  • Boeddeker Park and Urban Greening Project

    A stormwater structure at a one-acre park with climate-appropriate landscaping, bioswales, permeable paving, and an underground infiltration system to capture and infiltrate water from the 2 year – 24 hour storm event, diverting o...

  • 110th Cascade Project

    Four blocks of a traditional ditch-and-culvert system were replaced by a cascading pool design with shallow pools and bioswales in a series, which reduce flow velocity, retain stormwater, and remove pollutants. This design is idea...

  • Towar Rain Garden Drains

    The Towar Rain Garden Drains uses bioswales native vegetation rain gardens and infiltration basins to divert localized flooding that was characteristic of the neighborhood for over 80 years. More than 150 individual rain gardens w...

  • Glenoaks Bioswales and Dry Well

    Bioswales, drywells, native landscaping replaced large portions of asphalt and concrete to create permeable surfaces to divert stormwater directly into the ground for groundwater recharge and control localized flooding.