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  • UCSD Microgrid represents more cost-effective, energy efficient solution to greenhouse gas reduction

    San Diego, CA, USA

    As part of the UC campus-wide initiative to reach net-zero greenhouse gas emissions, the University of California, San Diego built up its microgrid with a cogeneration plant and solar power, creating a more energy-efficient cost-s...

    Public Private Partnership
  • Berkeley, CA Strengthens Power Outage Resilience with Clean Energy Microgrid Project

    Berkeley, CA, USA

    The City of Berkeley researched building a clean energy microgrid community to provide power to critical facilities during power outages. After finding obstacles preventing the widespread adoption of microgrids, the city developed...

    State and local grants
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    Sacramento CHP Microgrid

    Installation of three 100 kilowatt combined heat and power modules at the corporate headquarters of Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD). These modules will be utilized year-round to supply a significant portion of its ele...

    General Fund/Existing Public Funds
    Bonds & Loans
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  • Scripps Ranch Microgrid

    Solar microgrid and optimized energy management system that collects power from 30 kilowatt array and stores in battery storage, seamlessly transitioning from grid power to solar or battery power in islanding operation.

  • Brooklyn Army Terminal Smart Grid

    Solar microgrid comprised of 100 kilowatt solar array, building management system, and 720 kilowatt-hour battery for on-site energy storage.

  • Annobon Microgrid

    Solar microgrid project comprised of 5 Megawatt solar modules 3 Megawatt battery storage and energy management system to provide reliable and predictable power to supply 100% of the island's demand.

  • Rutland Solar Microgrid

    Solar microgrid project that includes islanding capability and incorporates battery backup to provide up to 4 Megawatt-hours of energy.

  • Princeton Power Microgrid

    Solar microgrid project comprised of 307 Kilowatt array and 2 Megawatt-hour battery backup, with additional backup provided by diesel generators.

  • Twentynine Palms Co-Gen Plant

    Cogeneration plant incorporated into Twentynine Palms microgrid, providing electricity, heat, and cooling and, in conjunction with solar and another co-gen, providing Twentynine Palms the ability to generate 90 percent of its own ...

  • Dharnai Microgrid

    Solar powered microgrid to provide electricity to over 400 households, street lighting, and water pumps for agricultural use.