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  • San Bernardino Police Digitize Community-Oriented Policing Services

    San Bernardino, CA, USA

    The San Bernardino Police Department offered common services to residents via the city’s website but the services were not mobile friendly or easily accessible. Now, using a mobile app, the police department can offer the city's 2...

    Federal grants
    Lieutenant Michele Mahan, Emergency Operations
  • Parker Police Create a Healthy Relationship with their Community Using Digital Engagement Software

    Parker, CO, USA

    Through continuous development and fostering of relationships, this police force has partnered with the community in identifying issues that are important to the residents and has received national recognition for its efforts.

    General Fund/Existing Public Funds
    Police Department Public Information Officer
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    City of Longmont Win All-American City Awards with Online Engagement Strategy and Community Cohesion

    Longmont, CO, USA

    Community members in Longmont noted the number & placement of recreational vehicles were growing & some were beginning to consider their presence in neighborhoods a nuisance; the city drafted a policy to control it and expected it...

    General Fund/Existing Public Funds
    City Manager
  • Using Real-Time Data and Community Feedback for Better Policing in Grand Rapids

    Grand Rapids, MI, USA

    Elucd provides actionable sentiment data to help the Grand Rapids Police Department better understand three key questions: 1. How are they doing when it comes to community sentiment? 2. Where should leaders focus efforts to imp...

    Public Private Partnership
    Federal grants
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    Police Department