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  • Increasing parking permit revenue in Mill Valley, CA with cloud software

    Mill Valley, CA 94941, USA

    Mill Valley, a small city in Marin County CA, upgraded its manual process for RSVP parking permit payments to an online, cloud-based software solution that integrated directly into its website. This has resulted in increased reven...

    General Fund/Existing Public Funds
    Police Department
  • Mount Vernon uses data to fight “zombie” homes and blight

    Mt Vernon, NY, USA

    Mount Vernon was hit hard by the financial crisis of 2007, leaving abandoned properties and ‘zombie’ homes sprinkled throughout the city. Without proper tracking, vacated properties were out of government sight and left to deterio...

    State and local grants
    City Attorney, Code Enforcement, City Manager's Office
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    Rockford IT Department outsources data cleaning & mapping to tackle blight

    Rockford, IL, USA

    As Rockford’s population grew, so did the need to address the city’s urban decay. As a first step, the city set out to define and better understand properties causing harm to the Rockford community, presenting the need for better ...

    General Fund/Existing Public Funds
    Community and Economic Development Department
  • Parks Reservation system increases Champlin, MN revenue by $40,000 in 1 year

    Champlin, MN 55316, USA

    The City of Champlin replaced its departments' many clashing management systems for scheduling, tracking, and charging of public meeting room rentals with a single sign-on solution, all without expanding the work of its finance an...

    General Fund/Existing Public Funds
    Parks Department
  • Inyo County files first fully-digital FBN in CA increasing small business participation & compliance

    Inyo County, CA, USA

    With a large area and small population, Inyo County ran into workflow inefficiencies with its Fictitious Business Name (FBN) filings. The county was looking for effective methods to increase compliance and participation while enco...

    General Fund/Existing Public Funds
    Clerk Recorder's Office
  • Digital Permitting and Payments in York, PA increase transparency and efficiency

    York, PA, USA

    York, PA was struggling to complete accurate data entry and wasting countless hours of staff time manually handling permits and reviews. With an emphasis on permitting speed and the ability to work remotely, they were able to digi...

    General Fund/Existing Public Funds
    Building and Zoning
  • Salt Lake City spurs small business growth with online permits

    Salt Lake City, UT, USA

    Salt Lake City has simultaneously spurred on small business growth and saved thousands of staff hours each year by digitizing zoning, business, and residential permitting.

    General Fund/Existing Public Funds
    Department of Public Services
  • Atlanta is streamlining how small businesses interact with the public sector

    Atlanta, GA, USA

    The City of Atlanta is using OpenCounter to automate customer service tasks related to permit discovery. By asking the customer a series of intelligently structured questions, the portal provides an advanced estimate of the cost, ...

    General Fund/Existing Public Funds
    City Planning Office of Zoning & Development, Office of Buildings, Office of Housing Economic Development Division
  • 12,811 staff hours saved with permit automation in Orlando

    Orlando, FL, USA

    The City of Orlando has automated its permitting processes. In one year, the city has processed 61,447 permit inquiries across the residential and business projects with a 97% self-service rate. This has resulted in a time savings...

    General Fund/Existing Public Funds
    Digital Platforms Team
  • Chelsea, MA's low-cost strategy to bring multiple departments' workflows online for remote work

    Chelsea, MA 02150, USA

    The town of Chelsea had one of the highest COVID-19 infection rates in MA, and must support remote work for its staff and online licensing and requests to keep its residents safe. It quickly expanded its digital services to includ...

    General Fund/Existing Public Funds
    Licensing Department, City Manager's Office