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  • Urban Forestry Project Enlists Participation from Disadvantaged Communities in La Mesa

    La Mesa, CA, USA

    The City of La Mesa used GIS mapping to identify areas in disadvantaged communities where trees could be planted as part of an urban forestry program.

    State and local grants
    City Manager
  • Sustainability Plan engages 4,000 residents in San Antonio, TX

    San Antonio, TX, USA

    The City of San Antonio Office of Sustainability created a sustainability plan that was informed by extensive community engagement and the best available science, resulting in more than 20 specific metrics and 68 specific actions.

    General Fund/Existing Public Funds
    Office of Sustainability
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    City of Coral Gables Leverages the Internet of Things to Improve Quality of Life

    Coral Gables, FL, USA

    The City of Coral Gables has implemented a smart city engineering framework that features a diverse array of cyber-physical systems (CPS), Internet of Things (IoT) platforms, and smart connected devices for numerous applications. ...

    General Fund/Existing Public Funds
    Coral Gables IT Department
  • Nightlife economy conflicts reduced in the City of Longmont with sound monitors.

    Longmont, CO, USA

    The City of Longmont recognizes music festivals to be an important contribution to city vibrancy and viability, but cause noise pollution for nearby neighborhoods. Working with new sound monitors, the city intends to be able to se...

    Public Private Partnership
    Police, Economic Development, City Manager
  • Music festival noise pollution managed with automation in the City of Austin, Tx.

    Austin, TX, USA

    The City of Austin recognizes big music festivals are an important contribution to city vibrancy and viability, but may cause noise pollution for nearby neighborhood residents. Working with a new sound monitor, the city was able t...

    Public Private Partnership
    Economic Development Department
  • Success with DDOT's parkDC: Penn Quarter/Chinatown Parking Pricing Pilot

    Washington, DC, USA

    The parkDC pilot sought to use sensors, artificial intelligence, pricing, and real-time information to make parking easier and reduce congestion in part of downtown Washington, DC. Due to the success of the pilot, DDOT is currentl...

    Federal grants
    State and local grants
  • SMC Labs Demonstrates Smart Parking Solution to Encourage EV Adoption and Use

    San Mateo County, CA, USA

    San Mateo County Labs is using an end-to-end, integrated IoT platform to pilot several use cases including parking, irrigation, air quality, and asset management. Part of the focus is on providing real-time parking availability fo...

    Performance Contracting
    Design-Build Contracts
    Design-Build-Operate-Maintain Contracts
    Chief Smart Communities Officer and Chief Information Officer San Mateo County
  • Mobile air quality monitoring van equips city with data to enact policy & infrastructure change

    Boston, MA, USA

    Tufts University in collaboration with 5 community-based organizations and support from Harvard School of Public Health and Beth Israel Hospital, conducted a study to assess the association between exposure to air pollutants eman...

    Federal grants
    Metropolitan Area Planning Council & Boston Public Health Commission
  • Construction, truck traffic & health: a study in Mission Hill

    Boston, MA, USA

    A multi week study was carried out using a state-of-the-art mobile monitoring van outfitted with numerous instruments for monitoring and measuring a suite of various air quality pollution metrics. Both stationary and mobile source...

  • Broward MPO's New Transportation Reports Engage Stakeholders

    Broward County, FL, USA

    The Broward Metropolitan Planning Organization is using a transportation Performance Management dashboard to quantify the ROI of their efforts to their board and community. The visualizations have transformed how Broward MPO uses ...

    General Fund/Existing Public Funds
    Data Services Manager