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  • San Bernardino Police Digitize Community-Oriented Policing Services

    San Bernardino, CA, USA

    The San Bernardino Police Department offered common services to residents via the city’s website but the services were not mobile friendly or easily accessible. Now, using a mobile app, the police department can offer the city's 2...

    Federal grants
    Lieutenant Michele Mahan, Emergency Operations
  • Parks & Recreation Virtual Strategic Planning in Asheville, NC

    Asheville, NC, USA

    The Parks & Recreation Department of Asheville, NC successfully engaged in a virtual strategic planning process during the pandemic. The results were a strategic plan that participants fully own and are accountable to, measurable ...

    General Fund/Existing Public Funds
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    Fox Metro introduced digital collaboration to streamline their FOG program

    Montgomery, IL, USA

    In 2016 Fox Metro set about improving the efficiency of its FOG program by digitizing how they record inspections & track pump-outs of food service establishments. With SwiftComply, they were able to go a step further with our onl...

    Taxes & User Fees
    Fox Metro Wastewater Reclamation District
  • Community feedback increases 13x in Lancaster, PA with both offline and online engagement methods

    Lancaster, PA, USA

    The City of Lancaster used offline and blended engagement to bridge their digital divide and increase participation across their diverse community. This led more equitable conversations around complex topics, and demonstrated the ...

    General Fund/Existing Public Funds
  • Geelong foreshore receives Smart City upgrade to improve safety and declutter public spaces

    Geelong VIC, Australia

    With an annual population growth rate of 2.5% and a need to update outdated infrastructure, the City of Greater Geelong used funding from the Smart Cities and Suburbs Program to build a smart city network, modernizing outdated inf...

    Innovative Finance
    Federal grants
    Design-Build-Operate-Maintain Contracts
    Smart City Department
  • St. Louis Uses Interactive Kiosks as a Critical COVID-19 Communications Platform

    St. Louis, MO, USA

    The City of St. Louis used interactive kiosks to broadcast critical information in the public right-of-way during the COVID-19 pandemic. Importantly, it has included customized and multilingual content to help mitigate the physica...

    Advertising Revenue
  • A large urban park creates a "connected" visitor experience with SMART.NODEs™

    Sydney NSW, Australia

    The Royal Botanic Garden Sydney (RBGS) sought to improve the overall visitor experience by transforming the public space using smart technologies. By discretely integrating a network of SMART.NODEs™ that is both multi-purpose and ...

    Design-Build-Operate-Maintain Contracts
    Business Development, Parks Department
  • Chula Vista creates a Digital Equity and Inclusion Plan

    Chula Vista, CA, USA

    The City of Chula Vista built on its smart city progress by addressing the digital divide through the creation of a groundbreaking Digital Equity and Inclusion Plan (DEIP). The DEIP is an actionable roadmap to expand access to Int...

    General Fund/Existing Public Funds
    City Manager's Office and the Economic Development Department
  • IL school reopening preparations: facilitating virtual engagement and planning

    Illinois, USA

    School Districts across the country are facing a return to school dilemma. To prepare for reopening, several schools in District 28 and District 1 in the state of Illinois have focused on gathering feedback from all stakeholders t...

    State and local grants
  • "Smart City Bench" gives tourists and hikers Wifi in the Alps

    11013 Courmayeur, Aosta Valley, Italy

    A "Smart Bench" has been installed at a remote 7,475 foot alpine hut to provide citizens and tourists with hotspot & Wifi connection, and communicate important information about people traffic, trails and conditions.

    General Fund/Existing Public Funds
    Non-profit local safety organization