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  • Rockford IT Department outsources data cleaning & mapping to tackle blight

    Rockford, IL, USA

    As Rockford’s population grew, so did the need to address the city’s urban decay. As a first step, the city set out to define and better understand properties causing harm to the Rockford community, presenting the need for better ...

    General Fund/Existing Public Funds
    Community and Economic Development Department
  • Sequim, WA Unifies Human Service Providers to Deliver over 1M Meals to its Homeless Population

    Sequim, WA 98382, USA

    After discovering service gaps in human services provision, Sequim, WA unified multiple human services agencies to supply essential services to homeless individuals in need. This new model increased collaboration between agencies ...

    General Fund/Existing Public Funds
    Interim City Manager
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    Blight Reduction Program Incentivizes Community and Avoids Legal Action Towards Property Owners

    Baldwin, GA, USA

    Baldwin County created clear and attainable procedures in their Blight Reduction Program to motivate homeowners to demolish or renovate over 300 dilapidated properties. As a result, the County was able to demolish 164 residential ...

    General Fund/Existing Public Funds
    County Manager
  • Salt Lake City spurs small business growth with online permits

    Salt Lake City, UT, USA

    Salt Lake City has simultaneously spurred on small business growth and saved thousands of staff hours each year by digitizing zoning, business, and residential permitting.

    General Fund/Existing Public Funds
    Department of Public Services
  • Mount Vernon uses data to fight “zombie” homes and blight

    Mt Vernon, NY, USA

    Mount Vernon was hit hard by the financial crisis of 2007, leaving abandoned properties and ‘zombie’ homes sprinkled throughout the city. Without proper tracking, vacated properties were out of government sight and left to deterio...

    State and local grants
    City Attorney, Code Enforcement, City Manager's Office
  • Pacifica launches online portal for equitable access to ADU resources and affordable housing needs

    Pacifica, CA, USA

    To streamline ADU development to address their affordable housing challenges, the City of Pacifica is launching an interactive web-based portal to (1) assist homeowners in understanding ADU laws as they apply to a specific propert...

    General Fund/Existing Public Funds
    Public Private Partnership
    State and local grants
    Pacifica Planning Department
  • San Francisco activates online portal to streamline ADU development and help combat housing crisis

    San Francisco, CA, USA

    Symbium's Build portal enables City planners, design professionals, developers, and homeowners in San Francisco to understand whether an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU), also known as secondary dwelling and in-law units, is allowed ...

    General Fund/Existing Public Funds
    Public Private Partnership
    State and local grants
    SF Planning Department
  • Affordable Housing in Oregon Expanded Almost Overnight with Homesharing

    Portland, OR, USA

    Homesharing in Oregon is providing affordable housing more quickly and much less expensively than traditional methods. Building 3K units of affordable housing in Portland Metro will cost an estimated $1billion. This program's goal...

    Public Private Partnership
  • Affordable Housing for Teachers Expanded by Homesharing

    Denver, CO, USA

    To help a cohort of educators could find affordable housing in Denver near the schools they would be serving, Teach For America (TFA) Colorado partnered with an online homesharing platform. Through this partnership, 20% of the TFA...

    Public Private Partnership
  • Temporary housing for victims of natural disasters

    Texas City, TX, USA

    In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, AARP was trying to find housing for older citizens in Louisiana, Texas, and Florida. Working with AARP, Silvernest conducted outreach, matched homeowners with victims and waived fees for thos...

    Public Private Partnership
    Not a local government but AARP Louisiana