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Supporting Local Business with Smart Signs

Las Vegas, NV, USA

At a Glance

The City of Las Vegas partnered with Soofa to deploy digital signage that supports local business, improves use of a downtown loop bus, and expands opportunities for productive community engagement.

Problem Addressed

The City of Las Vegas created the free Downtown Loop shuttle service to make it easier for residents and tourists alike to access some of the city's sights beyond the strip. However, the city needed an easy solution for delivering real-time bus arrival information at every stop along the Downtown Loop to support utilization.

City of Las Vegas used/is using digital signs to address this/these challenge(s).

Solution(s) Used

The first phase of Soofa Signs were strategically located along the Downtown Loop route. The signs not only share next bus arrival times, but also important information about what's happening in the neighborhood in real-time and advertisements for local business. The signs are fully solar powered and wireless, and designed to support the city's clean energy strategy.


  1. Local businesses share relevant advertisements to locals and visitors in their neighborhoods to increase customer loyalty, get new customers, and promote unique events and offerings offline, outside.

Something Unique

Content shared on the Soofa Sign ranges from beautiful photography from local photographers and things you typically don't see on billboards, like poems.

Who Should Consider?

Cities over with 150,000 or more who are looking to integrated economic development into their smart cities strategy.

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