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Stormwater Capture, Habitat Restoration, and Learning Center on Recycled Water Campus

Pico Rivera, CA

The GRIP AWTF will not only provide a sustainable water supply, but will also create a park-like open space and education facilities with public amenities. The site will include low-impact development and stormwater capture features and landscaping, permeable paving, and outdoor areas with interpretive features.

Topics Covered

Stormwater Management
Water Supply & Drought
Energy Efficiency


Initial: 4 Million USD

O&M: 500 Thousand USD



Revolving loan funds

Design-Build Contracts

Project Status

In Progress/Under Construction since 2022

Gov Champion

Public Works

Problem Addressed

The GRIP project is located on a 5.2 acre site in Pico Rivera, and is adjacent to the San Gabriel River.

The previous owners of the former site, operated a waste hauling facility. Large trucks hauled materials around the residential area while entering and leaving the site. The site conditions and traffic were a nuisance to the residential community. During design of GRIP, neighboring residents had concerns about the facility, and wanted to share their ideas for the new facility. WRD held a design charrette workshop where residents contributed ideas for the design. Their ideas inspired many features, including the Learning Center, paths and walkways, and native plant areas. Residents also inspired WRD to utilize the space to incorporate water resources education for the public.

Solutions Used

The GRIP site will include many features that will be open and available to the public.

The Learning Center will include educational exhibits and will be accessible to schools year-round. It will also have a living roof, which will have plants and gardening workshops available for the community, through WRD’s Eco-Gardener Program. The facility will also have low-impact development and stormwater capture features including bioswales, which will help capture and augment water supplies, and will be treated at the GRIP Advanced Water Treatment Facility. The site will include native and drought-tolerant landscaping, a monarch habitat butterfly garden, and an outdoor amphitheater for educational activities. The site will not only serve as an Advanced Water Treatment Facility, but will be an open-space that will be utilized by the public.



3 acres of open space

Something Unique

The project will have include a water-like feature that will be used for education. The water feature will simulate the process of percolation into the Montebello Forebay spreading grounds and nexus to the San Gabriel River.

Who Should Consider

WRD created a park-like open space, utilizing stormwater capture, renewable energy facilities, native and drought-tolerant landscaping, and many more features that will be available to the public

Last Updated

May 9th, 2018
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