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Sherman, TX one-stop dashboard to measure progress of community revitalization initiative

Sherman, TX, USA

Government Champion

Manager of Community Services


12 Thousand USD
12 Thousand USD

Project Status

Operational since 2018

At a Glance

After decades of implementing software with limited reporting and an inability to communicate with other department's solutions, Sherman, Texas, undertook a project to centralize data from each department, the county, the federal government, and open data sources to be able to make stronger data driven decisions.

Problem Addressed

During the City’s budget discussions for FY 2017, silo'ed data arose as a key challenge slowing multiple key initiatives for the city from declining community standards to the revitalization of Main St.

The data required to identify, prioritize, and report on properties was spread across multiple systems, departments, and even governments. In order to help the city, the silo'ed data needed to be centralized and staff needed to be given the tools to easily pull actionable insights from that data.

City of Sherman used/is using BuildingBlocks, a one-stop dashboard to address this/these challenge(s).

Solution(s) Used

Instead of building a costly, high maintenance solution from scratch in-house, the city elected to utilize Tolemi’s BuildingBlocks. Fully deployed in just two weeks, the application drew valuable data from City of Sherman departments, the County, and even State & Federal sources.

Tolemi’s data integration team was able to automate the process of integrating and consolidating data from the City’s oldest, closed systems into one centralized data hub, releasing the City’s GIS team from the burden of cleaning and maintaining the data on a continuous basis.

The city now has a map-based analytical tool that houses all the cities geospatial data a single place. As a result, they can look up any property in seconds and instantly understand which departments have fielded complaints, who has responded, and what issues still need attention—in real-time. This helps the city quickly draw analyses and reports demonstrating the impact of the multi-department effort to Council and the public.


  1. Saved hundreds of hours annually by giving staff real-time access to all property records in a single space without the need for more data entry or more training.
  2. Enabled city staff to build data driven strategies to address key initiatives while simultaneously proving dashboards to track the key performance indexes, KPI's.

Something Unique

In just two weeks, Sherman implemented BuildingBlocks to bring together real-time data on code cases, citizen complaints, and more, enabling better coordination and streamlining reporting to City leadership.

Who Should Consider?

Cities with populations over 10,000 that face challenges due to data being silo'ed in software with limited or no reporting capabilities.

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