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Seattle uses engagement platform to gather public feedback to assess drainage & wastewater system

Seattle, WA, USA

Goverment Champion

Planning Department


2 Thousand USD

Project Status

Operational since 2018

Challenges Addressed

Stormwater Management
Citizen Engagement
Open Data
Civic Technology
Digital Government
Process Improvement


Sustainable city

Funding / Financing

General Fund/Existing Public Funds

Project Type


More Reading

Live Project

At a Glance

EnviroIssues along with Seattle Public Utilities gathered public feedback using Social Pinpoint's engagement platform to understand where residents have seen flooding on sidewalks or in streets.

Problem Addressed

In order to assess the drainage and wastewater system, the city knew they needed to consult with the community in order to understand how this affects them. They didn't have the time to go door to door throughout the city to ask resident's where they've seen flooding in their neighborhood, so they provided an engagement platform where residents could give feedback in their own time.

City of Seattle used/is using an online engagement platform to address this/these challenge(s).

Solution(s) Used

EnviroIssues along with Seattle Public Utilities is gathering information from the community on where they have seen flooding on sidewalks or in streets. They are using an interactive map to allow people to drop a pin on the exact location they are wanting to pinpoint. They've asked that users add a comment, photo and share information about what they saw and when they saw it.


  1. The city's Public Utilities was able to identify areas in the city where the drainage and waterwaster system needs improvement.
  2. By using an online tool, they were able to gather feedback from residents whom they had never heard from before.

Something Unique

Seattle Public utilities engaged Enviroissues to gather public feedback. The consulting firm contracted Social Pinpoint to deliver on their requirements to facilitate robust citizen engagement.

Who Should Consider?

Any city or government organization that wants to ensure citizens are directly involved in strategic planning efforts.

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