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Seattle utility begins electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure development with 16 fast chargers

City of Seattle

Seattle, WA

Seattle City Light represents one of the nation's largest publicly owned utilities, providing carbon-neutral electricity to over 900,000 residents in Seattle. To build up electric vehicle infrastructure, the utility has installed 16 fast chargers at 6 charging stations across the city with plans to develop more.

Topics Covered

Energy Efficiency


General Fund/Existing Public Funds

Project Status

In Progress/Under Construction since 2021

Gov Champion

Seattle City Light

Problem Addressed

With greenhouse gas reduction top of mind for Seattle, the city has an increased need for EV infrastructure.

As outlined in Seattle's Clean Transportation Electrification Blueprint, the city has a goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2050.

Seattle City Light, the city's publicly owned utility company, has a mission "to invest and implement solutions that support sustainability," with transportation electrification playing a key role.

While there are private sector companies installing EV infrastructure in select areas of the city, their coverage is incomplete. This leaves some citizens without easy, close access to an EV charger, resulting in an inequitable distribution. In order to increase electric vehicle adoption and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the city's utilities needed to develop stronger EV infrastructure.

Solutions Used

Through a pilot program, Seattle City Light is installing publicly accessible electric vehicle (EV) fast chargers in its service area.

Part of the program is owning and operating EV fast chargers to gain a greater understanding of the impacts of EV charging on the city's electrical system. Many of these fast chargers will be installed in areas where private sector companies haven't built EV infrastructure to ensure more equal access to EV charging.

Seattle City Light is installing 50 kW or greater direct current fast chargers at all locations and 240 volt alternating current power chargers at select locations. On average, these fast chargers can provide an EV with up to three miles of range per minute of charging.

Drivers will pay by the kilowattt-hour (kWh) to charge their vehicles, with each area and different charging speeds costing varying amounts.



A total of 16 fast chargers installed across six charging stations across Seattle, with installation of at least five more planned


Increased accessibility to EV fast chargers, building up the necessary infrastructure to support increased EV adoption


The initiative is helping the city reach its long term greenhouse gas emission reduction and environmental goals

Who Should Consider

Cities looking to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and build up electric vehicle infrastructure.

Last Updated

Mar 29th, 2022

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