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San Andres Breakwater (Port of Malaga)

At a Glance

In 2010, the Port Authority of Malaga aimed to upgrade their infrastructure to support new fishing and leisure facilities, and rehabilitate the dock in outer port by demolition of the old secondary breakwater. The original project specifications included a double layer of 10 t (151 ft3) and 21 t (321 ft3) cubic blocks, but left open the possibility of an alternative design for protection armor unit. The contract was eventually awarded to JV SATO-OHL, which had an alternative design that utilized the application of Cubipod - a new breakwater construction material that saves significant money and time - for the first time. The Port Authority of Malaga won Spain’s National Innovation Award in 2011 for Public Procurement of Innovative Solutions. Specific design conditions included a structure length of 885 ft and maximum depth of 22 ft, designed to handle waves up to 16.7 ft with low bearing capacity of the seabed. In total, there were two types of Cubipods used - 4,903 6t (92 ft3) and 226 Cubipod 15t (229 ft3), resulting in a total concrete volume of 503771 ft3.

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