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Sacramento CHP Microgrid

At a Glance

Installation of three 100 kilowatt combined heat and power modules at the corporate headquarters of Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD). These modules will be utilized year-round to supply a significant portion of its electrical, cooling, and hot water requirements. Most significantly, the modules are equipped with two advanced features, demonstrated for the first time in a commercial application. First, they will seamlessly transition between operating in conjunction with normal grid power and continue to power a selected portion of the utility site during islanding conditions. Second, the modules integrate an emissions reduction system that enables them to operate at extremely low levels of regulated pollutants - demonstrating long term emissions levels that meet or exceed those required under the California Air Resources Board's (CARB) distributed generation emissions standards for 2007. The microgrid and ultra-low emissions features were developed through multi-year research programs sponsored by the California Energy Commission, the Southern California Gas Company, and DOE. The Microgrid technology is used by Tecogen under exclusive license from the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation, the intellectual property management affiliate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison and was developed and refined in a collaborative effort involving researchers from the University of Wisconsin, American Electric Power, Tecogen and with oversight and management by the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, Sandia National Laboratory and the Consortium of Electric Power Reliability (CERTS). The advanced emissions system was developed by internal Tecogen research staff with program management by DE Solutions Inc.

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