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Richmond, CA Police Department Becomes More Efficient With Cloud-Based RMS

Richmond, CA, USA

At a Glance

Richmond Police Department's legacy records management system was replaced with a more cost-efficient cloud-based platform that made it easier for officers to create reports, and management to streamline operations.

Problem Addressed

Richmond Police Department had been using an aging records management system (RMS). This technology made it difficult for officers to manage daily crime reports and perform their jobs efficiently. As a result, Richmond PD officers were spending more and more time working on reporting and less time doing their primary job...keeping the community safe.

Police reports are the central body of administrative work in a law enforcement agency, and essential to a well-functioning police department. It’s the official documentation, affirmation, and conclusion of an officer’s activity in the field. These reports are the managerial tools for sergeants, investigation resources for detectives, and provide an overview of incident reporting for analysts and senior departmental leaders. For Richmond PD the ability to quickly create and consume reports was a top priority but was no longer a reality.

Richmond Police Department used/is using Mark43 Records Management System to address this/these challenge(s).

Solution(s) Used

Richmond PD switched from their legacy system to a cloud-based RMS developed by Mark43 and powered by Amazon Web Services GovCloud. Switching to a cloud-based system means the platform is constantly updated so Richmond PD processes can adjust to meet their needs as they change.

The new RMS enables Richmond PD to input, integrate, and access all details related to an incident or a specific case. In addition, the built-in reporting suite handles all rules and validations and report generation not only for internal purposes but also integrates seamlessly into the National Incident-Based Reporting System.


  1. Streamlined reporting means Richmond PD officers are spending more time on the streets each week than behind a desk.
  2. Because the RMS is cloud-based, Richmond PD is able to allocate resources previously spent updating department servers towards other pressing IT matters.
  3. Richmond PD is saving time and money on report management and more time on increasing the quality of life in Richmond, CA.

Who Should Consider?

Law Enforcement Agencies of all sizes, and other first responders striving to improve community service by saving time through efficient reporting, and cost savings.

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