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Reporting on What Matters Accelerates the Village of Lemont’s Strategic Plan

Lemont, IL, USA
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Goverment Champion

Senior Leadership Team


25 Thousand USD

Project Status

Operational since 2017



Challenges Addressed

Economic Development
Citizen Engagement
Digital Government
Process Improvement


Resilient city
Equitable city

Funding / Financing

General Fund/Existing Public Funds

Project Type


At a Glance

Lemont’s 2018-2021 strategic plan is the village’s most comprehensive yet–with 6 strategic priorities, 120+ action items, key outcome indicators and performance targets. It includes a management reporting framework that’s the envy of the nation’s largest cities. To keep the plan on track, Lemont relies on Envisio.

Problem Addressed

The Village of Lemont, like many suburbs, is facing significant change. Some positive, like a growing population and transforming retail environment; and some challenging, like aging infrastructure and mounting financial pressures from the State.

When Mayor John Egofske was elected in 2017, the time was right to revisit the strategic plan and address these forces of change. George Schafer, the Village Administrator, wanted the new strategic plan to be more comprehensive, with data and performance measures to support better decision making and drive performance.

The senior leadership team worked with the Village Board of Trustees to identify these strategic priorities: (1) community development, (2) financial sustainability, (3) infrastructure maintenance, (4) community image, (5) economic vitality and (6) operational effectiveness. To drive transparency and discipline, they further defined a set of desired outcomes, key outcome indicators (KOIs) and performance targets describing expected results and how they would be measured.

While previous strategic plans were captured and managed in spreadsheets, this plan was more comprehensive, with 20 supporting initiatives, 120+ cascading action items, and lots of relevant data and metrics to support their 6 strategic priorities. The senior leadership team chose Envisio to fuel its strategic plan, accelerate city hall performance and achieve better outcomes for the community.

The Village of Lemont, IL used/is using Envisio’s strategy and performance management software to address this/these challenge(s).

Solution(s) Used

Lemont’s rich performance measures, advanced analytics and sophisticated management reporting framework are giving Lemont’s leaders an edge. They’ve moved beyond strategic planning, beyond measuring progress… to managing and accelerating performance.

How did they do it?

1. PROGRESS TRACKING IS FOSTERING ACCOUNTABILITY. Effective reporting starts with action items in Envisio that roll up to reports. Each of the Village’s 120+ action items is assigned an owner, due date, key outcome indicator (KOI), performance target and progress status. Providing daily or weekly updates in Envisio is keeping staff highly engaged and focused on what matters.

2. DEPARTMENTAL REPORTING IS SUPPORTING BETTER DECISIONS. Team reporting is another critical component of an effective management reporting framework. Lemont relies on the “Department Progress Report” and live Envisio dashboards to make better decisions, allocate resources to align with strategic objectives, and foster team collaboration.

3. PERFORMANCE MEASURES ACCELERATE PERFORMANCE. Lemont’s senior leaders rely on Envisio for outcomes-based reporting with KOIs for each of their 6 strategic priorities. Over 50 measurable performance targets are helping fuel Village Hall performance and achieving better outcomes for the community.

4. PUBLIC DASHBOARDS ARE BUILDING COMMUNITY TRUST. With transparency as a core value, the Village of Lemont keeps the public abreast of plan progress by using the Envisio public dashboard. Showcasing the great work that staff is doing is helping to foster trust with the Village Board of Trustees and the community at large.

The Village’s advanced management reporting system is helping Lemont leaders to accelerate the delivery of their strategic plan. Their comprehensive set of structured and scheduled dashboards, reports and notifications are designed to allow each stakeholder to analyze data, make better decisions, drive performance, achieve goals and ultimately build trust within the community.


  1. Centralized access to the strategic plan, key outcome indicators and performance measures.
  2. More engaged staff accountable for delivering 120+ action items.
  3. Better decision making supported by effective management reporting.
  4. Improved transparency and public trust fueled by a live public dashboard.
  5. A high performing village on track to achieving its 6 strategic priorities.

Something Unique

The Village of Lemont’s senior leadership team is punching way above its weight. While serving a population of about 17,000, Lemont’s strategic plan and management reporting framework is the envy of the nation’s largest cities. They rely on Envisio to accelerate their strategic plan.

Who Should Consider?

Any village, city, town or county that wants to effectively track the execution of their smart, strategic or operational plans, break down organizational silos and communicate progress to stakeholders.

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