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Putnam County, GA Launches Integrated Meetings and Website Management Solution to Grow Transparency

Putnam County, GA

Putnam County used a variety of different processes for basic city services. Recognizing the inefficiency in this, they worked with Municode to leverage a new expanded suite of solutions that integrate different services into a single unified platform.

Topics Covered

Civic Technology
Customer Service


Initial: 12 Thousand USD

O&M: 4 Thousand USD


General Fund/Existing Public Funds

Project Status

Operational since 2019

Problem Addressed

The previous website used by Putnam County was fairly modern and logically organized; however, the County was looking for a more attractive and intuitive information hub.

They also desired more control over creating and administering content, and an easier to use back-end to facilitate that. Getting the County’s website up to date with the latest ADA requirements was a big advantage of going through a state-of-the-art website redesign.

In addition, the county needed a better way to organize and display their meetings, agendas and minutes. Municode Meetings allows you to automate your agenda management process, effectively saving municipalities time and money with zero burden on their IT staff.

Solutions Used

Putnam County went through a top-to-bottom redesign of their website, including content architecture and website navigation.

Upgrading to the Municode CMS – which utilizes the open-source Drupal CMS framework – the county moved to a website that was easy for any member of the staff to use. With basic training and no prior website administration experience required, this provided a more user-friendly solution. The features built specifically for managing local government content also made organizing and accessing content easier for residents, businesses, and visitors to the county. As a long term client, the other solutions Putnam County had with Municode integrated with the website as well. Agendas, packets, and minutes are automatically published to the website from Municode Meetings and became searchable through the website’s search engine. Putnam’s code of ordinances, published on the online MunicodeNEXT code library platform, also became accessible through the website’s search engine. Bringing these three solutions together (and with the promise of continued future integration), Putnam created an efficient way for users to access information across platforms from one place to enhance transparency.



Increase in transparency by allowing users/citizens to access multiple sources of information from one place.


One trusted vendor and point of contact to work with across solutions. Full support team to help staff out with any question or request that they might have.


Integrated solutions that save time for staff. Putnam County benefited by bringing multiple services together under one easy to use system.


Better organized, more attractive, easier to use website.

Who Should Consider

Municipalities struggling or worried about ADA compliance should certainly look into Municode's Website Design and hosting services and Meeting and Agenda Management Software.

Last Updated

Jul 26th, 2019

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