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Mobile-first Crisis Communications in Dublin, OH

Dublin, OH, USA
Rock Solid
In Collaboration With
City of Dublin, Ohio

Government Champion

Public Affairs Office


19 Thousand USD

Project Status

Operational since 2022

At a Glance

The City of Dublin, OH has executed an integrated, mobile-first communications strategy in the face of the constantly-evolving coronavirus crisis. This has included regular, consistent updates to its website, Alexa Skill and social media accounts, as well as adding a ‘CORONAVIRUS’ button to its GoDublin app.

Problem Addressed

Dublin, OH (population ~42,000) is located just outside Columbus, OH. In the face of the COVID-19 epidemic, effective citizen communications have become an absolute must, and the City of Dublin knew it needed expand and enhance its communications with residents. The situation continues to change day-to-day, from updated CDC guidelines to local shelter-in-place orders, with residents seeking information on their city’s situation and what they need to do to stay safe. Both sweeping change and urgent need require cities to take innovative approaches to sharing information with citizens.

The City of Dublin, OH used/is using an integrated, mobile-first communications strategy to address this/these challenge(s).

Solution(s) Used

The City of Dublin, OH has executed an integrated, mobile-first communications strategy across all its platforms and channels. The City regularly updates its website, Alexa Skill (a daily news brief for Alexa devices), and social media accounts including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Nextdoor, and Instagram. Importantly, the City also added a ‘CORONAVIRUS’ button to its GoDublin app. The regularity, consistency and reach of the city's communications is enabled by RockSolid's technology software.

All of the city's communication platforms are mobile-friendly, because that’s where many of residents access information. The city's GoDublin app is a portal for residents to seek information, request services and read updated, trustworthy news sources.The city is integrating the GoDublin app into most City operations.

The ‘CORONAVIRUS’ button in the GoDublin app takes you to the city's main Coronavirus information page, which features video updates, the latest Coronavirus news, resources, closures and cancellations, and a place to submit questions or concerns. The city also includes guidelines for parks around the city and links to external Coronavirus resources (like Public Health, FAQs, and the CDC).


  1. The city’s citizens “…have responded positively and engagement is strong on all platforms.” according to Lindsay Weisenauer, Public Affairs Officer for the City of Dublin
  2. Created consistent messaging across channels and enabled increased frequency of communications, both of which have been essential during the constantly-evolving coronavirus crisis
  3. Encouraged connectivity and community amongst residents. For example, the City established a hashtag #DublinCares and showcased positive images from residents

Lessons Learned

  1. The City has put most other communication campaigns on hold and is careful not to clog its channels with ‘filler’ material that is not related to Coronavirus crisis.
  2. Post often, establishing digital tools as the best place to get accurate, relevant information.
  3. Keep a pulse on the community, pay attention to the information they desire and then deliver.
  4. Be sure to share positive stories and information.
  5. Produce video content! It engages residents and standards for video have really loosened because of the coronavirus crisis.

Who Should Consider?

Small and medium-sized local governments that are struggling with inconsistent or infrequent resident communications during the coronavirus crisis.

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