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LED Upgrades + Attendance, Encinitas Schools

Encinitas, CA, USA
Contact Partner

Goverment Champion

School District


8 Thousand USD

Project Status

Operational since 2017

Challenges Addressed

Greenhouse Gas Reduction
Energy Efficiency


Sustainable city

Funding / Financing

Performance Contracting
Innovative Finance
Savings as a Service

Project Type


At a Glance

Encinitas Union School District is piloting LED technology to quantify energy savings (and resulting financial savings) and to better understand non-energy benefits of LED technology, including impacts on student attendance.

Problem Addressed

Encinitas Union School District, like all schools districts, are always searching for ways to save money and to improve learning outcomes for students.

Encinitas Union School District used/is using LED technology to address this/these challenge(s).

Solution(s) Used

Encinitas Union School District is piloting LED technology for two purposes: 1) To quantify energy savings; and 2) To quantify non-energy benefits. As a part of the pilot, LED retrofit kits and advanced lighting controls were installed in three classrooms. LED products were chosen based on price, quality and maintenance considerations. The three classrooms are already saving 75% of their lighting-related electricity. As a part of the pilot, lumeo teamed up with Talent Metrics to design and implement a survey for students and teachers to take to identify any impacts that the lighting upgrades had on mood and Average Daily Attendance. The survey was completed every Friday afternoon during a 90-day period in the 3 experimental classrooms and 3 control classrooms. lumeo and Talent Metrics are now analyzing the effects of the LED upgrades. Should the surveys show an increase in Average Daily Attendance, the district will receive substantially more funding from the state when all schools upgrade to LED technology and show similar results.


  1. Classrooms are already saving 75 percent of their lighting-related electricity
  2. Students reporting increased mood
  3. Teachers reporting increased student engagement
  4. If surveys show an increase in Average Daily Attendance, the district will receive substantially more state funding

Something Unique

It's explicitly focused on measuring non-energy benefits of LED technology, like school attendance.

Who Should Consider?

Municipalities & school districts that have not yet upgraded their publicly-owned buildings with LED lighting technology.

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