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Laguna Beach, CA’s revenue grows by 35% by processing more business licenses

The City of Laguna Beach

Laguna Beach, CA

The city of Laguna Beach, CA digitized business license renewals, simplifying the license renewal process for residents and saving city staff time by capturing mill rates and calculating late fees.

Topics Covered

Small Business
Open Data
Civic Technology
Customer Service
Process Improvement


Initial: 6 Thousand USD

O&M: 4 Thousand USD


General Fund/Existing Public Funds

Project Status

Operational since 2008

Gov Champion

Finance Department

Problem Addressed

Laguna Beach, CA's desire to accept business license renewals online was limited by its manual processes and website capabilities.

The city of Laguna Beach was using an outdated manual process for renewing business licenses. The process was inefficient, resulting in slow turnaround times for businesses. The city had a desire to accept business license renewals online to make it easier to do business in Laguna Beach. However, a move online would require building out the website to handle additional functions like capturing multiple different mill rates (the amount of tax payable per dollar of the assessed value of a property); calculating late fees; adding in additional California state fees.

Solutions Used

The city upgraded its website, speeding up processing turnaround times and making renewals easier for businesses.

Laguna Beach improved collaboration with existing businesses by incorporating eCity's Cloud Suite solution into its current website. This allows businesses access 24/7, thereby streamlining current business license processes and speeding up renewal turnaround times. The Cloud Suite’s added functionality allows the city’s website to capture different mill rates, calculate late fees, and add additional state fees. Having all of these processes automated frees up time and resources to tackle more complex tasks. Because the Cloud Suite is already built into the website, it can additionally be used to move processes for parking, permits, park and recreation reservations online as well. This further integration can be used to increase web traffic and increase revenue.



Reduced time spent processing business license renewals, and increased city revenue by 35%.


Increased local government tax revenue through capture of mill rate for all industries.


Standardized business license processing, resulting in faster turn around for renewals

Who Should Consider

Cities of all sizes that want to digitize their business licensing process, making it more convenient for both city staff and residents.

Last Updated

Mar 23rd, 2022
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