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Interactive Kiosk Deployment in San Antonio: No-cost solution using interactive kiosks to deliver social equity, mobility, and business discovery

San Antonio, TX, USA
IKE Smart City

Government Champion

Office of the Mayor, Office of Innovation, VIA Metropolitan Transit, Office of the City Manager


Zero upfront cost to local government

Project Status

Operational since 2018

At a Glance

Deployed interactive digital kiosks in the City of San Antonio after winning a competitive RFP issued by the Office of Innovation. Responsibilities included working with the City on due diligence, logistics, and permitting, and handling all operations, maintenance, content management, and ad sales.

Problem Addressed

The City wanted to connect with citizens in an innovative way using digital kiosks. The platform needed to support smart initiatives and placemaking goals by delivering connectivity and information to citizens. The City was focused on bridging the digital divide and providing equal access to Wi-Fi for communities in need and underserved populations. In addition to promoting area businesses, activities, and services, the City also required kiosks deliver the following: Multiple languages with a min. of English and Spanish; Accessible to disabled persons and ADA compliant; Meet City’s style and historical commission requirements; Provided at no cost to the City; Protect against unauthorized access; Provide free Wi-Fi; Plan to market kiosk ad space; Reports for usage and other information like pedestrian counts; Real-time GTFS feeds for multimodal transit schedules.

The City of San Antonio used/is using IKE kiosks as information hubs to reach the public and communities in a free and accessible way with select locations chosen to impact the highest volume of citizens and to address this/these challenge(s).

Solution(s) Used

IKE delivered on all RFP requirements and deploying IKE kiosks in San Antonio created value for citizens, small businesses, and the City. IKE delivers value to citizens as an information platform to find events, activities, restaurants, shopping, wayfinding, civic resources, and other services. Information from IKE is easily sent to users’ smartphones for additional mobility. IKE also provides free Wi-Fi to increase connectivity and improve accessibility in busy areas. Small businesses benefit from IKE by being listed without charge, resulting in free promotion. IKE also gives small businesses an additional avenue to run paid advertisements within their local proximity. Lastly, the City receives value and revenue from IKE as implementation and management comes at no cost to the City. IKE Smart City provides the investment needed for deployment and covers the costs needed to operate the kiosks. IKE also tracks useful data such as air quality and pedestrian counts, so that the City can receive even more information about the area.


  1. There is no cost to the City for the IKE program. IKE funds 100% of the costs and shares revenues with the City.
  2. Successful deployment of kiosks Downtown, at Via Metropolitan Transit Centers, Public Parks, National Parks (Missions), and the San Antonio International Airport resulting in 30 kiosks in 5 different areas.
  3. Provide free Wi-Fi for users in busy areas as kiosks use a high-density router and serve as a Wireless Access Point for users within a 50-meter radius.
  4. Stringent location selection standards result in high-traffic deployments with pedestrian counts of 2.4 million over a 79-day period.
  5. Installation in transportation hubs like Transit Centers and the international airport provides 37.9 million bus and 9 million airline passengers the opportunity to utilize IKE’s wayfinding capabilities.

Something Unique

IKE’s sophisticated hardware and flexible design allow for the customization of colors, graphics and lighting, ensuring that IKE’s aesthetics enhance the surrounding streetscape. Further, IKE’s business model provides a no-cost source of revenue for cities who can reinvest earnings back into community initiatives.

Who Should Consider?

Cities with large populations or a large number of visitors consisting of high-traffic walkable areas and looking for smart city solutions to drive engagement and communication with citizens.

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