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Increasing parking permit revenue in Mill Valley, CA with cloud software

Mill Valley, CA 94941, USA
eCity Transactions LLC

Government Champion

Police Department


15 Thousand USD

Project Status

Operational since 2009

At a Glance

Mill Valley, a small city in Marin County CA, upgraded its manual process for RSVP parking permit payments to an online, cloud-based software solution that integrated directly into its website. This has resulted in increased revenues, time savings for staff, and happier residents.

Problem Addressed

Mill Valley, CA is a small city in Marin County, CA (population 13,810) that strives to deliver excellent services to its residents as efficiently as possible. One such service — RSVP parking permits — was a manual process that required significant time to navigate, both for residents as well as staff in the police department. The consequences of this inefficiency were notable, as they resulted in missed opportunities for revenue capture. Additionally, city staff didn’t have good data about RSVP parking permits, which presented difficulties for the record-keeping required for audits.

City of Mill Valley, CA used/is using eCity Transactions - Cloud Suite to address this/these challenge(s).

Solution(s) Used

Mill Valley decided to integrate eCity’s cloud-based permits and payment software into its website. This integration allows the City to provide a single online dashboard for processing RSVP parking permits. Completing the integration with Mill Valley’s website took hours, not weeks. This can be especially important to small cities like Mill Valley that may or may not have dedicated IT professionals on staff. The resulting dashboard on Mill Valley’s website is straightforward, easy to use and has eliminated the tedious, manual process for parking RSVP permit application and payment.


  1. 400 RSVP permit applications were processed in first two weeks after rollout
  2. $15k + revenue has been captured - that's a 35% revenue increase!
  3. Significant time savings for both residents and city staff

Lessons Learned

  1. New online process improves not only time, money but overall communication between departments, process and unlimited access for citizens.

Who Should Consider?

Small municipalities that are experiencing inefficiencies from a manual application, permit or payment process.

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