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Hurst, TX reduces the cost of service requests to less than $0.60 per interaction

Hurst, TX, USA

At a Glance

Like many mid-sized government municipalities, Hurst, TX (pop. 39k) wanted to build better connections with their citizens. Hurst worked with Rock Solid to develop a mobile platform that would streamline communication, improve efficiency, and integrate service requests with their Cityworks system.

Problem Addressed

Hurst recognized that their outdated in-person and ‘pen and paper’ processes were leading to resident dissatisfaction and service request inefficiency. Previously, there were two methods of submitting a service request to the city.

The first was the "Mayor's action line,” where residents called a specific phone number to leave a message. That message had to be transcribed onto a form and then sent to the right department. The department was responsible for sending a truck to verify the information, update the request, and send it back to the front office. It was a long and cumbersome process, essentially a snail mail version of service delivery. The second method involved using an online form. While this did eliminate the need for transcription, the remainder of the process was just as manual as the phone line alternative.

The city knew both methods were inadequate. Fulfilling service requests took too long, required a lot of resources that could have otherwise been used for other priorities, and left citizens unhappy with the service request process.

The city of Hurst, TX used/is using an enterprise mobile app platform, specifically designed for governments to improve internal and external communication to address this/these challenge(s).

Solution(s) Used

To help overcome slow response times when service requests are submitted and improve their resident experience when interacting with the city, Hurst worked with Rock Solid to develop a mobile app for residents that was configured to their needs.

The smartphone app is free for residents to use. It provides a platform for the city to respond to requests with bi-directional communication and also send out mass notifications as needed. In addition, the app includes lots of features to improve how the city responded to residents, including geographical boundaries and custom mapping, routing and workflows with escalation rules, and links to other digital services such as events, ticket payments, adoptable pets, utility billing, trash & recycling information, interactive parks, and more.

According to Shelly Klein, Outreach Coordinator - City Manager's Office for the City of Hurst, "...our mobile app has become a one-stop location for all online capabilities we offer.”


  1. Reduced the amount of time required to complete service requests by 70%
  2. Reduced the cost of service requests to less than $0.60 per interaction
  3. Increased engagement by 22% with a new centralized app
  4. “Rock Solid is a useful platform to have at hand. We’ve seen a huge increase in customer service. Our residents are happier and more informed because of it.” - Shelly Klein, City of Hurst
  5. Increased citizen trust. “Customers are now eager to report because they know that a solution will be provided as fast as possible... they trust us to deliver.” - Shelly Klein, City of Hurst

Something Unique

Hurst integrates their service request data into Cityworks through an out-of-the-box integration. Rock Solid offers robust integrations with 75+ of the industry's most popular systems. Bi-directional communication features allow city staff to communicate with citizens in real time from Cityworks to the mobile app.

Who Should Consider?

Governments of any size that want to use mobile technology to connect residents and staff in a single system for better citizen engagement, service delivery, actionable insights, and workflow automation.

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