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Expanding broadband access with small cell deployment in City of Ontario

Ontario, CA, USA
In Collaboration With
City of Ontario

Government Champion

Broadband Operations, IT Department


Zero upfront cost to local government
35 Thousand USD

Project Status

Operational since 2022

At a Glance

The City of Ontario evaluated Smart City technologies including IoT, smart streetlights, and network services in a new mixed use residential & shopping area. The city’s main objectives were public Wi-Fi, enhanced broadband access, use of data to make decisions & attract cellular providers to co-locate in the node.

Problem Addressed

The City of Ontario was looking to increase digital equity and public Wi-Fi access in its newly developed mixed-use area, New Haven Marketplace in Ontario Ranch, CA. The marketplace is jointly operated by Frontier Real Estate Investments and Brookfield Residential, with shopping areas and an adjoining residential zone. Improving internet connectivity and rolling out new Internet use areas was a top priority given the new reality of remote learning and working from home.

Additionally, the SMART.NODE™️ vendor agnostic design put the city in a position to attract traditional cellular providers and/or enable new CBRS capabilities that can co-locate in the node. Cellular providers can then provide increased speed and wider broadband access to Ontario Ranch residents in the vicinity of New Haven Marketplace.

The city's long term desire and mission to promote healthy living can leverage the node's IoT flexibility and deploy environmental sensors that provide critical data that can be shared with the community.

City of Ontario used/is using the ENE.HUB SMART.NODE™️ to address this/these challenge(s).

Solution(s) Used

In late 2020, the City of Ontario along with the marketplace operations team, decided to install a SMART.NODE™️ from ENE.HUB at the New Haven Marketplace. The decision to explore this technology was made after learning about an installation in West Hollywood, CA. In addition to the multiple vendor agnostic network and IoT smart city capabilities, city officials were drawn to the sleek aesthetic of the node and the banner extension that allows for display of eye-catching local events and promotions.

The city chose to install a multifunctional node that would not only increase broadband access, but also provide multiple divergent capabilities via a camera, environmental sensors, speakers and efficient street lighting.

The city owns the data and controls the access to the data analytics platform. It should help monitor, manage and operate their evolving and growing smart city services. It allows for real-time visualization of data and data analysis to help develop use cases and inform decisions as New Haven Marketplace grows and expands.


  1. The city expects cellular and/or CBRS providers opportunities to co-locate in the node, providing new broadband access, capabilities and speed to previously unserved/underserved areas.
  2. Data from the IoT environmental sensors can be used to communicate with the citizens as conditions change. Data collected over time will be used to make informed decisions.
  3. The SMART.NODE™️ is equipped with speakers that allow announcements or music to be played in the general area. The node is modular allowing technology to be added or upgraded over time.
  4. Some newer WiFi and cellular network capabilities can enable Geo-fencing services that support push notifications or announcements. This can be used for safety alerts and advertisement.

Something Unique

This proof of concept was executed at no incremental cost to the City of Ontario since they had already installed fiber in that neighborhood. Additionally, the SMART.NODE's™️ flexible, vendor agnostic solution can serve up to 26 different technologies hence future proofing the investment without committing to one technology vendor.

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