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Downtown Santa Monica maps curbs to address ride-hail & scooters

Santa Monica, CA, USA
Contact Partner
In Collaboration With
City of Santa Monica

Goverment Champion

Downtown Santa Monica


5 Thousand USD
5 Thousand USD

Project Status

Operational since 2020


Curbside Management
Parking Study
Mobility Study
curb lane management

Challenges Addressed

Fleet Management
Pedestrian & Bicycle Safety
Mobility & Access


Smart city

Funding / Financing

General Fund/Existing Public Funds

Project Type


At a Glance

Address the immense pressure to convert curbs into dynamic spaces that serve multiple uses at different times of the day. Map curb assets and lane space allocation to optimize for community members to reduce congestion, improve mobility for e-scooters and ride-hail, and have data to leverage for better planning.

Problem Addressed

Downtown Santa Monica (BID) was looking to assist the city, with recommendations for better curb space allocation; improve safety and accessibility for ride-hail, e-scooters and e-bikes; and create resources to reduce their impact when it comes to traffic in the area.

The business improvement district wanted to address the immense pressure to convert curbs into dynamic spaces that serve multiple uses at different times of the day. With appropriate curb data in hand they can better engage TNC's, delivery companies and others to reduce their impacts on transportation network while increasing their efficiency.

It came to their attention that there wasn’t a good understanding of what the uses were for the curbs in Downtown Santa Monica, or how they were allocated. And in discussions with the city, realized that Coord's tool was what they needed to make more informed decisions about their curbside management.

Downtown Santa Monica used/is using Coord's tools to address this/these challenge(s).

Solution(s) Used

After the surveying project with only 3 people over a few days using Coord's surveyor tool, Downtown Santa Monica had a complete map of their curbs and their corresponding assets. The process was completed exponentially faster than previous studies (using measurement wheels and notebooks), and provided much more dynamic data.


  1. Complete digital map of curb lanes and assets (such as parking signs, curb paint, hydrants ADA ramps & more) and corresponding linear feet dedicated to each zoning
  2. Ability to look at the map of curb allocations depending on time of the day—granular and visualized representations of curb access at 9am vs 8pm
  3. Opportunity to share data with City and stakeholders for better informed policy planning (and re-allocation of parking lanes to other more dynamic uses: ride-hail and scooters)
  4. Standardized data for more reliable and manageable workflow for ongoing projects

Something Unique

With Coord's Open Curb data, the curb assets mapped could then be shared publicly for all stakeholders to get an understanding of the curbs in the city (see link under 'more reading')

Who Should Consider?

Cities or business improvement districts who need to better understand curb access, zoning, and looking to introduce shared vehicles like e-scooters or e-bikes to their communities

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