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Digital Skills Training Program Invests in Staff as Agency Modernizes Legacy Systems

Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency

United Kingdom

With a staff of 6,000, Great Britain's Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency is responsible for 48M driver records and 40M vehicle records. In recent years, they've moved away from paper and modernized their internal systems. The city implemented a training program to keep staff up to date with AWS cloud software.

Topics Covered

Process Improvement
Workforce & Education


Initial: Zero Upfront Cost


General Fund/Existing Public Funds

Project Status

Operational since 2022

Gov Champion

Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency

Problem Addressed

Although eager to modernize, the United Kingdom's Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) lacked the technical bandwidth to maintain new digital services.

The United Kingdom's Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) maintains the registration and licensing for all of Great Britain's drivers and is responsible for the collection and enforcement of their vehicle taxes. The agency represents one of the largest employers in South Wales with over 6,000 staff.

To best handle over 88 million total records, they've modernized processes, moving away from paper and towards digital services. New technology includes more agile and cloud-based services so that their in-house teams can best curate a centralized digital hub.

However, to build up modern internal infrastructure the department needed to foster an environment where staff had the necessary training, skills, and capabilities.

“Insourcing our IT and continually increasing our digital service offering means that we need to enhance our internal capability so that we can confidently define, create, operate and support the services we build, while reducing our reliance on an external resource.” said Perry. “We want people who are skilled, respect other people’s skills and look to improve their own.”

Solutions Used

DVLA developed a strategy to identify and measure their team's existing digital skills and future needs.

It was equally as important to establish a training program to attract, develop, and retain these digital skills. In collaboration with A Cloud Guru, a Pluralsight company, they were able to implement a modern training program.

Through this partnership, DVLA had the necessary support to train staff on cloud training for new systems. They provided cloud training and certification sources, with the option of self-directed training that included hands-on labs, use-case scenarios, an exam simulator, and interactive tutorials with Amazon Web Services (AWS).

The agency also adopted an internal development process that gave each staff member an individualized development plan. The plan was linked to their career paths and enabled employees to realize their potential and have greater control over their learning.

This has enabled the agency to sustain a higher level of personal achievement and create a dynamic workforce, capable of adapting to future modernization.



DVLA is advancing the development of their people and strategy with career path training through Pluralsight which also connects them with a community of cloud computing experts.


DVLA staff developed a vehicle tax portal where citizens can check when their vehicle tax is due 25/7/365 - which has been used by 10,000+ customers with 60,000+ vehicle inquiries.


DVLA staff are now equipped to handle cloud and Amazon Web Services (AWS) updates as the systems develop and modernize.

Lessons Learned


As Dave Perry, CTO of DVLA, acknowledged: prioritizing and investing in up-skilling staff delivers changes. Embrace new technologies and ways of working with workforce opportunity.

Who Should Consider

Departments who want to implement training programs for their staff while transferring from legacy systems or modernizing their technology infrastructure.

Last Updated

Mar 21st, 2022

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