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Crowdfunding Capital for Sustainable Wastewater P3 Project in Los Fresnos, TX

Los Fresnos, TX 78566, USA

Government Champion

Public Works Commissioner


Zero upfront cost to local government
8.2 Million USD

Project Status

In Progress/Under Construction since 2022

At a Glance

Community-based capital from local investors is being raised to fund The Los Fresnos Project - a sustainable wastewater treatment P3 project proposed by Skillicorn Technologies. The project intends to turn the City of Los Fresno's $2.4 Million utilities cost into a $2-$5 million profit.

Problem Addressed

The City of Los Fresnos, TX is a successful town whose Urban Landscape and School District, Police & Security and Emergency Services are the envy of all surrounding communities. It has one central difficulty -- meeting its obligations of providing high quality water and wastewater services to all its citizens and constituents.

The existing Los Fresnos twin activated sludge system provides rudimentary treatment of the city's wastewater, preparatory to discharging all of it to the local flood control ditch. Now stretching its design capacity, the treatment plant no longer meets the city's needs. Additionally, Los Fresnos is increasingly being called upon to treat the wastewater of surrounding communities.

Los Fresnos's wastewater treatment plant costs the town a significant amount of money to operate. Money that the town citizens would rather spend on schools, parks, roads, fire engines, ambulances, clinics and municipal security. Money that might transform Los Fresnos into a shining light community.

Los Fresnos must continue to supply its quickly growing population with pure, fresh clean drinking water. The city is hampered in doing so by a historical reliance on a massively polluted and dwindling asset, the Rio Grande River. The river's flow continues to decline as climate change accelerates, and upstream communities - both Mexican and U.S. - continue to extract more water from municipal and agricultural requirements.The communities of Los Fresnos and neighboring Brownsville lie at the mouth of the river, where the Rio Grand effectively ceases to flow. Both communities understand they have no choice but to recycle their wastewater and increasingly rely on desalinated brackish groundwater and desalinated ocean water to meet their future drinking water requirements.

Currently, the U.S. has more than $1 Trillion in underfunded water, wastewater and MSW requirements. These mandates, enforced by both State and Federal regulatory agencies, are bankrupting small and medium-sized communities and seriously crimping cashflows of larger cities and urban communities.

City of Los Fresnos used/is using crowdfunding through Infrashares to address this/these challenge(s).

Solution(s) Used

The Los Fresnos Project is crowdsourcing funds through Infrashares, a crowdfunding platform for public infrastructure financing, to construct and operate a US-based system that will meet full state and federal regulatory approvals. Upon commissioning, The Los Fresnos Project will be the only profitable Wastewater, MSW (municipal solid waste), Septage and FOG (fats, oils and grease) treatment, recycling and value-added system in the world.

The Skillicorn Technology System is at the center of the project. It generates a net profit by simply treating wastewater and desalinating the regions' abundant brackish water resources, therefore providing a solution Los Fresnos has been desperately seeking.

The Los Fresnos Project is the first time it is being made available in the U.S. The Project will not only open up the $1 Trillion U.S. water, wastewater and MSW market, but also open the global market for such services. The City of Los Fresnos can turn its $2.4 Million utilities cost into $2-$5 million profit, while also dramatically improving water, wastewater and MSW service provision.

The Skillicorn system is more comprehensive than traditional activated sludge and treats wastewater to a fully potable level. Everything is recycled with literally nothing going to waste. All nutrients are extracted and photosynthetically leveraged to produce duckweed meal - a superfood and a super-biochemcial feedstock. All residual hydrogen and carbon is extracted as methane. The resulting clean water is further screened to remove all bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, pollutants, toxins and trace organic compounds. All three are effectively monetized to produce market-ready outputs and finished products.

Unlike other wastewater treatment technologies, Skillicorn monetizes all nutrients, energy and water in wastewater. It's a profitable desalination system that also produces superior drinking water.


  1. The system treats wastewater to a fully potable level and yields sustainable byproducts -- duckweed meal, methane and clean water -- which can all be monetized.
  2. The City of Los Fresnos will turn its $2.4 Million utilities cost into $2-$5 million profit, while also dramatically improving water, wastewater and MSW service provision.
  3. The Los Fresnos Project provides a path for the U.S. to be able to fund its more than $1 Trillion in underfunded wastewater and MSW requirements due to monetized, sustainable byproducts.

Something Unique

This project is an important validation of how to use crowdfunding to finance infrastructure projects.

Who Should Consider?

Local governments facing a financing gap for wastewater treatment regulatory mandates.

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