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Corpus Christi Deploys COVID Management System to Improve Data & Eliminate Time-Consuming Tasks

Corpus Christi, TX

Corpus Christi went from paper filing and inefficient spreadsheets to a completely automated workflow with complete data integration between departments of schedulers, labs, and test providers. The city and county now have accurate data at their fingertips to make better decisions in a time of crisis.

Topics Covered

Civic Technology
Infectious Disease
Process Improvement


Initial: Zero Upfront Cost


General Fund/Existing Public Funds

Project Status

Operational since 2022

Gov Champion

Corpus Christi Health Department

Problem Addressed

When the city and county’s fight against COVID first started, the CIO, Peter, and his team were able to manage testing through a color-coded paper filing system.

With 320,000 residents to track, they knew this wouldn’t scale with spikes in cases. The team also needed a way to manage the entire process from screening to directing people to test and even to monitoring those with positive tests.

Eventually, the filing system migrated to spreadsheets with no link to establish any organized data. As Peter Collins, Chief Information Officer for the City of Corpus Christi put it, “We had a tremendous data issue and in order to address COVID testing and make important decisions, you need accurate data.”

Solutions Used

The Corpus Christi Health Department (which is a partnership between the City of Corpus Christi and Nueces County) is using Luminare’s Quickscreen for Public Health (PH) COVID-19 symptom screening platform, test scheduling, and test result workflow solution to address their challenges from manual processes, communication, and data integrity.

Residents that want to be tested are directed to the Quickscreen PH platform to fill out a questionnaire to assess their risk for COVID-19. Based on their results and risk assessment, they then schedule a test by picking from numerous testing sites that can be dynamically adjusted in real-time by location and test availability.

Using the platform, local health officials are able to electronically generate test orders to the lab, and when results are received, Quickscreen PH has the capability to automatically report to clinics and to the Texas Department of State Health Services’ contact tracing system, Texas Health Trace, saving hundreds of healthcare and admin worker hours. Texas Health Trace is the online repository of all positive COVID cases in the state of Texas.

As a single fully automated platform, Quickscreen PH helps the city and county eliminate tedious tasks and frees up valuable time for employees to do critical tasks. Importantly, Quickscreen’s data management is HIPAA compliant and follows CDC guidelines.

Luminare has been automating and optimizing healthcare workflows with their software for over 6 years and used their existing technology to launch Quickscreen for Public Health to deliver cities a COVID management solution they can rely on.

“Quickscreen by Luminare has solved our testing capacity and reporting issues and improved the accuracy of our data. Accurate data. Better decisions.”

- Peter Collins, Chief Information Officer City of Corpus Christi



Productivity increased by 90% because digitized and automated workflow enabled city employees to focus on what they do best


The city and county deployed Quickscreen PH by Luminare in October 2020 and it was immediately available to all 320,000 residents


Inter-department collaboration increased because data integration includes schedulers, labs, and test providers


Critical decisions are now data-driven with confidence based on real-time reporting

Lessons Learned


Corpus Christi has identified different areas where the city can improve their workflow based on how the Quickscreen’s process works.


Because the rollout was quick and smooth, Corpus Christi is now working with the Quickscreen team to roll out a home health monitoring system to manage those that screen positive.


Corpus Christi and Quickscreen are now building on the platform to launch special testing locations for firefighters, EMT, and other key personnel.

Something Unique

Cities will be on the frontline of tracking vaccine efficacy. Corpus Christi is leading the way by supporting Quickscreen’s release of their automated vaccine workflow functionality. That will enable Corpus Christi to not only optimize workflow, make confident data-driven decisions, but also eventually produce long term analytics, including vaccine efficacy data. The city and county of Corpus Christi will be the first to have a fully automated end-to-end solution for managing COVID.

Who Should Consider

Cities looking to stay open, keep residents safe, and improve their decision-making with better data and a fully automated COVID management solution.

Last Updated

Nov 11th, 2020
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