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Clackamas Sheriff’s Office Reduces RMS Training Time and Overtime Pay by 87%

Clackamas County, OR, USA

Government Champion

Sheriff's Office


Zero upfront cost to local government

Project Status

Operational since 2018

At a Glance

As Clackamas county urbanized and crime increased, the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO) began to outgrow its records management system (RMS). Staff was inundated with report filing on an inefficient RMS, and urgently needed a solution that would save staff time.

Problem Addressed

The Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO) serves the third-most populous county in Oregon with approximately 500 sworn and civilian staff. In 2018, the department began to outgrow its homegrown records management system (RMS) as the county grew and crime subsequently increased. The current system wasted precious time on the front-line with officers stuck entering and managing reports in an outdated system. Officers accumulated overtime both training and reporting data.

To combat platform problems, CCSO migrated to Versaterm’s RMS which quickly proved to be a costly and destructive investment. The Versaterm implementation took roughly 3,000 hours and cost the agency even more overtime pay. Post-deployment, deputies felt that Versaterm was clunky, slow, and cumbersome for entering data. Reporting time increased and crime analysis suffered as a result.

Clackamas County Sherriff's Office used/is using Mark43's RMS to address this/these challenge(s).

Solution(s) Used

In order to maintain proper data collection and reporting, the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office needed to switch platforms. They chose to implement Mark43’s user-friendly, cloud-based RMS.

The system’s intuitive interface offers an optimal user experience, while eliminating the need for extensive training. With active error detection and search-to-add workflows, the office can eliminate time-consuming revisions and duplicate entries.

Mark 43’s RMS comes with built-in compliance, ensuring that reports include the right information to be compliant with NIBRS and other reporting standards, even as they change. It tabulates agency data, identifies and corrects errors, and generates a file in the FBI-required format.

Their new RMS allows them to store everything in one place, eliminating information silos produced by event data stored across multiple programs and handwritten logs. Additionally, Mark43’s implementation and training team offers support during platform adoption, helping the department streamline the process.

The difference was immediately felt on the front-line. “With Mark43, the ease of which deputies can enter and manage reports is 100x better than it was before,” shared Captain Rhodes.


  1. The entire team of 500 people was trained on the platform within 13 days, representing only 10% of the time and resources that it took to implement Versaterm
  2. An 87% reduction in overtime pay, saving CCSO thousands of dollars during software implementation
  3. Trained deputies on the new platform in four hours, and deployed them on the road within five saving precious staff time that would normally be spent instructing officers

Who Should Consider?

Law enforcement agencies looking to increase public safety and streamline police reporting with elevated efficiency and cost savings.

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