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City of San Diego Climate Action Plan Annual Monitoring Report

City of San Diego

San Diego, CA

With the goal of creating a cleaner San Diego for future generations, the City of San Diego’s Climate Action Plan calls for eliminating half of all GHG emissions in the City and for all electricity used in the city to be from renewable sources by 2035.

Topics Covered

Energy Efficiency
Pedestrian & Bicycle Safety
Mobility & Access


Initial: 50 Thousand USD


General Fund/Existing Public Funds

Project Status

Operational since 2022

Gov Champion

Sustainability Department

Solutions Used

San Diego releases an Annual Monitoring Report for the CAP to track and share implementation progress with the public.

Each annual report summarizes progress toward GHG reduction targets and progress made on each of the 15 City actions. Informing the public of this process fulfills the requirement for annual monitoring outlined in the 2015 Climate Action Plan. Sustainability staff and the Communications Department work together to ensure that the information is presented accurately and in a way that is accessible to the public.



Sharing implementation successes but also challenges helps the public better understand the effort needed at every level to achieve the City’s GHG reduction goals.


With each annual report, staff refine how to best show progress on actions so that it can be easily understood by the public. An appendix is included with the Annual Report release.


Reporting on CAP implementation is an annual call to action for residents, staff, and policy makers in the City.

Lessons Learned


Additional program metrics need to be incorporated to communicate the level of progress occurring year over year (e.g. miles of bike lanes installed, linear feet of sidewalk installed, etc)

Something Unique

San Diego releases a GHG inventory annually, which is a granular frequency relative to how most governments report. San Diego has also developed new methods for tracking implementation, e.g. the Climate Equity Index. The report includes an analysis specific to clean technology job growth done with CleanTechSD.

Who Should Consider

Municipalities, research institutions, community based organizations, business organizations

Last Updated

Jun 17th, 2020
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