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City of Loveland automates Lead & Copper Rule Compliance to meet all testing standards

Loveland, CO

The City of Loveland, CO has automated its Lead and Copper Rule compliance by adopting an end-to-end modern platform that handles its sampling program.

Topics Covered

Water Quality
Process Improvement


Initial: 6 Thousand USD


General Fund/Existing Public Funds

Project Status

Operational since 2022

Gov Champion

Water and Power

Problem Addressed

The City of Loveland’s Water Utility has served customers for decades, proudly bringing water “from snowy caps to Loveland taps.

” When the Lead and Copper Rule went into effect in the early 1990s, it was labor-intensive to find a pool of people in the correct tier to complete the sampling. Ruth Hecker, Loveland’s Water Quality Supervisor, and Sandy Mauer, one of their Water Quality Scientists, were spending hours a week managing the manual sampling program.

After consistent good results for their annual sampling of 60 homes, Loveland was moved to a 3 year LCR sampling schedule across 30 homes instead. Despite the lowered numbers, the program continued to be a challenge for the utility, taking time away from their areas of expertise as they handled logistics of sending kits and communicating with recipients. An influx in new residents of Loveland in recent years has brought with it more questions from the population, and increased difficulty in getting residents to complete the testing kits.

Solutions Used

120Water took over managing the sampling program, ensuring that getting those 30 sample kits is a no-brainer for Sandy and Ruth so that they can focus on other important water quality issues.

120Water sends Loveland-branded kits directly to residents alongside clear instructions for filling the bottle and returning it to the lab.

In addition, the 120Water services team assists with outreach, calling residents to follow up and make sure the tests are sent back correctly and in a timely manner as well as answering customer questions. Sending kits and handling followup has taken a huge lift off Sandy and Ruth’s shoulders, freeing up hours of their time and making this LCR compliance requirement as smooth and straightforward as possible.

LCR is hard, and it’s getting harder. Proposed revisions include new requirements such as mandating that utilities create Lead Service Line Inventories, as well as testing in schools. Ruth and Sandy know that if these changes go through, they’ll have new logistical challenges on their plate. Luckily, they know they can leverage 120Water beyond the existing kit sampling program to tackle many of these challenges. 120Water’s Lead Service Line Probability Finder could be of huge use as Loveland creates and updates their inventory. In addition, if outreach were ever needed, having all their customer data loaded into the software and working with 120Water’s services team to automate that process would make communication seamless.



Automated Kit Sends: 120Water handles all logistics for sending 30 scheduled LCR Sampling Kits per year.


Reduced Time Spent on Compliance: The Loveland team no longer spends their valuable time on the logistics of the program, knowing that the end-to-end solution is managing it seamlessly


Customer Communication: 120Water's services team communicates with customers via phone to ensure sample kits are filled and returned properly.


Future-proof LCR Program: With LCR changes approaching, other components of 120Water's solution such as the LSL Probability Finder will ensure that Loveland stays compliant.


Ease of Use for Customers: Intuitive sample kits with included return labels and clear instructions make filling samples easier for residents.

Who Should Consider

Any water system on an LCR compliance sampling schedule can turn to 120Water to make compliance easier through modern solutions.

Last Updated

Aug 26th, 2021
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