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City of Coral Gables Leverages the Internet of Things to Improve Quality of Life

Coral Gables, FL, USA

At a Glance

The City of Coral Gables has implemented a smart city engineering framework that features a diverse array of cyber-physical systems (CPS), Internet of Things (IoT) platforms, and smart connected devices for numerous applications. Realtime IoT data is visualized and presented to the public and all stakeholders.

Problem Addressed

IoT data is helping Coral Gables engineers design safer roads, crosswalks, curbs, and multimodal mobility infrastructure, and is helping urban planners and city officials measure development impact and effectiveness of City infrastructure projects and government initiatives. This data also helps local businesses improve sales and marketing strategies, helps academic researchers conduct studies (environmental, crime, urban, traffic, technology), and helps developers, builders and real estate agencies with tools and actionable information for development and construction. Furthermore, IoT data is helping public safety, emergency management officers and first responders with situational awareness and high visibility; among many other use cases and benefits for our constituents.

Coral Gables used/is using a diverse array of cyber-physical systems (CPS), Internet of Things (IoT) platforms, and smart connected devices to address this/these challenge(s).

Solution(s) Used

Some of the City’s use cases and applications include traffic sensors (pedestrians, vehicles, bicycles, visitors), RF sensors (traffic behavioral patterns), public safety sensors (ALPR, CCTV cameras, smart policing and street safety devices), environmental sensors (waterways, air quality, noise); smart parking sensors (available/occupied spots detection using computer vision and AI), a street network of smart lighting controllers, smart city digital interactive kiosks, smart building structural health monitoring sensors, telemetry SCADA sensors and actuators, drones, fleet management systems, mobile LiDAR photonics and connected vehicles, among other uses.

For our City, IoT sensor data is strategic and becomes actionable information for traffic engineers, public safety units, urban planners, city management, first responders, academia, businesses, technologists, and the public in general. Open IoT data aggregated in the smart city hub and private IoT back-end data is studied by university researchers, marketing and city analysts and is actively used by entrepreneurs, planners, police and fire officers, engineers, city officials and other constituents that are part of the smart city ecosystem. IoT platforms, systems and data are integrated with citywide enterprise systems and data governance frameworks for efficiency, security, compliance and interoperability, as shown in the City’s horizontal integration topology.

Realtime IoT data is visualized and presented to the public and all stakeholders for consumption and collaboration via the Coral Gables Smart City Hub public platform: www.coralgables.com/smartcity


  1. Enabled real-time visibility over urban and environmental conditions, boosting situational awareness, early detection, faster response, actionable business intelligence for decision making.

Something Unique

Smart City engineering framework guides how all of the projects fit together to achieve goals. The framework can be viewed at: www.coralgables.com/itdocs

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