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Stockton Police Department utilizes community engagement for police reform

Stockton Police Department

Stockton, CA

In 2020, Stockton Police Department (SPD) realized they needed to look inward to re-examine their own policies. To foster community-informed reform, the department created the City Manager's Review Board (CMRB), made of community members that collaboratively identified police procedures to improve.

Topics Covered

Law Enforcement and Emergency Response


Initial: Zero Upfront Cost


General Fund/Existing Public Funds

Project Status

Operational since 2020

Gov Champion

Police Department & Office of City Manager

Problem Addressed

Stockton Police Department understood that there was work to be done around police reform, accountability and public participation.

With the tragic deaths of Breonna Taylor and George Floyd top of mind for Americans country-wide, police departments needed to take a closer look at their police practices.

Stockton Police Department understood that there was work to be done around police reform, accountability and public participation.

Citizens across the city participated in peaceful demonstrations, asking city leaders to reform their justice system. SPD had to ask themselves how they could alter and improve their relationship with their community.

While SPD has invested and implemented principled policing, predictive algorithm technology, and an early-warning system, they sought diverse perspectives and engagement to challenge their current belief systems. Similarly, they have been using data to be responsive, but wanted to better leverage it to transform current tactics. They sought input on how to best manage the department's role in Stockton, create impactful, sustainable change, and strike a balance between progressive and practical ideas for police reform.

Solutions Used

To answer critical questions in implementing police reform, SPD partnered with Stockton's city manager and created the City Manager's Review Board (CMRB).

The board included 25 individuals from a diverse cross section of community leaders and members, industry subject matter experts, city administrators, and members of the police. Providing a platform to collaboratively leverage performance management and data analytics, the board pushed the conversation around police performance out of its comfort zone to foster long-term social resiliency and mutual accountability.

The CMRB meets quarterly to support the city promote comprehensive public safety strategies, build, enhance, and expand relationships with its diverse local communities, and influence the acquisition and distribution of resources necessary for the city's efforts. Using qualitative and quantitative data, provided from collaboration from the Office of Performance and Data Analytics and SPD, the board discusses complaints, officer-involved shootings, use of force, and community problem-oriented policing projects among other citywide initiatives.

Stockton's city manager reflected on the progress, saying "We are very pleased that so many people, who are already serving the community in so many ways, have agreed to provide their perspectives and expertise at such an important time.”

With several meetings underway, Stockton’s CMRB is pursuing meaningful reform at the highest levels of city government.



Implementation of more levels of data governance and master data management in SPD use-of-force tracking system to ensure consistent, accurate and complete information is tracked & measured


The chief revisited the SPD's early-warning system and is now considering implementing a more robust system to increase accountability


Installation of a complaint submission process outside the police department, offering online access, multilingual options, and visually-and hearing-impaired access


More public influence on their police department, creating an environment where citizens can submit feedback and be a part of the decision-making process for police practices

Something Unique

The CMRB consists of diverse lot of members, including two non-profit leaders: the president of the Stockton branch of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) and the executive director of the Asian Pacific Self-Development and Residential Association (APSARA).

Who Should Consider

Cities looking to re-think policing through community engagement focused on mutual accountability.

Last Updated

Mar 31st, 2022

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