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Champlin, MN online reservation system increases revenue by $40,000 in 1 year

Champlin, MN 55316, USA

Goverment Champion

Parks Department


5 Thousand USD

Project Status

Operational since 2019

Challenges Addressed

Customer Service
Digital Government
Process Improvement


Smart city

Funding / Financing

General Fund/Existing Public Funds

Project Type


At a Glance

Champlin, MN had multiple departments including utilities, business and residential development, and parks and recreation which managed an Ice Arena hosting hockey leagues and open skating year round. They needed a software to enhance the experience of the residents and improve the efficiency of the city.

Problem Addressed

Champlin was having trouble accurately scheduling, tracking and charging for public meeting room rentals and park shelter requests. A significant amount of time was spent making manual accounting entry systems. The city wanted their residents to be able to see available space and request reservations online, and effectively manage the workflow to reduce the amount of time staff spent doing the work manually.

However, each city department interacts with citizens in a different way and some have their own internal management systems. The City explored a number of solutions that would solve the problem at an individual department, level greatly expanding the work of the finance and the IT areas as they would need to manage multiple vendors, variation in billing and reconcile activities from numerous sources on a daily basis. Additionally, each system had a different interface creating different user experiences and likely frustration for residents.

The City was looking for an efficient solution that would provide consistent branding, help each department expand its citizen access services while providing a more consolidated and efficient method to oversee the associated accounting and vendor management requirements.

Champlin also recognized they needed a solution that was flexible enough to allow them to expand and adjust their digital presence in the future.

City of Champlin used/is using an online reservation module to address this/these challenge(s).

Solution(s) Used

Champlin subscribed to the eCity Transactions web solution. Powered by a sister company, Antaeus LLC, the eCity Transaction Utility is a full range of tools that allows for the quick development of secure web based transactions capable of working independently or together.

Pages are easily banded to a close approximation of the City’s web site and in most cases even carry forward menu structures allowing for a seamless look and simple citizen use.

The full range of leading edge capabilities allows for everything from the acceptance of simple payments to complex applications with multiple fees. Internal transactions can also be tracked including check and cash payments.

Along with the Transaction Utility, eCity offers Park and Rec and Reservation modules allowing the citizen to use a single login and password to transact virtually with any department in the City.

As a leading edge solution, eCity makes it possible to minimize the number of vendors while offering each department the ability to have their unique internet, process their own transactions as if they had their own vendor while improving the efficiencies of the Finance and IT departments.

All of this at a cost lower than most simple Park and Rec systems on their own.


  1. Utility customers are able to view their utility bills online, see their history and make payments online or in person at City Hall.
  2. Citizens can use a single login ID and password to pay bills, purchase event tickets, register for community classes and programs, to reserve meeting rooms or park shelters and more.
  3. In the first year, reservation earning increased by $40,000!
  4. The Finance Department enhanced their efficiency with Customized file downloads allowing for automated posting of Utility Accounts Receivable transactions and General Ledger entries.
  5. With an expanded web presence, the Parks and Rec Department can now collect donations and sell event tickets to concerts and fairs.

Who Should Consider?

Cities with a population of 5,000 or more people who are interested in improving internal efficiencies and enhancing the manner they interact with their citizens online.