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Bellevue Moves its Diversity Plan to Action

Bellevue, WA, USA


25 Thousand USD

Project Status

Operational since 2022

At a Glance

The City of Bellevue’s diversity plan was suffering from “document on a shelf” syndrome. To turn its plan into action, the City adopted online performance software to align staff actions, build accountability and communicate with Council and residents about progress.

Problem Addressed

Once a quiet suburban community, Bellevue has grown into a dynamic, multicultural city. It is now a majority-minority community, with a diversity of ethnicities and cultures. Its vision? “Bellevue welcomes the world. Our diversity is our strength.”

The work of making this vision a reality began when the Diversity Advantage Plan was adopted in 2014 with great intentions to put the power of diversity to work within the community. But the plan suffered from the classic “document on a shelf” syndrome. Staff didn’t understand their role and the diversity plan remained lost in office software.

In 2017, Bellevue’s Department of Community Development adopted Envisio in a concerted effort to fuel the execution of its department diversity plan, a subset of the citywide Plan.

The team needed a solution they could trust and learned that over 100 cities rely on Envisio for strategic planning and performance management to deliver their plans, align staff with strategy and report on progress. They took their plan off the shelf and began to move it to action with Envisio.

The City of Bellevue used/is using Envisio’s strategy and performance management software to address this/these challenge(s).

Solution(s) Used

Building traction to execute the Diversity Plan began by operationalizing the plan in Envisio. Actions and tasks were assigned to support strategic priorities, and owners were assigned with due dates, task descriptions and performance metrics. The cascading framework helped to align staff actions with the plan and build accountability.

Today, personal dashboards in Envisio and email notifications help city staff stay on top of their diversity tasks and remind them to provide updates. They can see how their personal efforts align with the overarching strategic priorities. Everyone is now working towards achieving the Diversity Advantage Plan. Every department within the City of Bellevue has adopted the plan to help improve the way they are delivering services and to become more culturally competent.

With diversity being so central to City Council’s vision, maintaining visibility on the Diversity Advantage Plan is particularly important to Council members. When staff provide updates in Envisio, those metrics roll-up into live reports for management and City Council, providing recognition, visibility and transparency, all the while, fostering confidence in the city’s ability to achieve the plan. Council appreciates being able to visualize projects and measure progress over time.

Building trust and transparency, with all stakeholders, including the public, is particularly relevant when dealing with initiatives related to diversity. Bellevue will begin using Envisio’s public dashboard to keep the public informed of progress towards achieving the strategic priorities.

What’s more? While executing the Diversity Advantage Plan, it became clear within the City Manager’s Office that an all-in-one strategy and performance management solution could also help deliver the city’s larger strategic plan. Envisio is now home to multiple nested plans. At the top is Bellevue’s City Council Vision Priorities, with seven strategic targets cascading to 25 priorities and 140 tasks.

Envisio has simplified strategy execution. Everyday, Bellevue is using Envisio to manage strategy, align staff with priorities, deliver plans and report on results to manage the expectations of all stakeholders, including those of City Council members.

Envisio is helping Bellevue leadership to build trust with elected officials and the greater community.


  1. A diversity plan that’s on track and well embedded within departments
  2. Multiple, nested strategic plans centrally accessible and tracked by staff through a centralized cloud-based system
  3. More engaged staff delivering on 140 tasks aligned to strategic priorities, using automated reminders and custom reports
  4. Better-informed City Council members thrilled to see their vision taking reality and their success shared with the community
  5. Improved transparency and public trust fueled by a live public dashboard

Something Unique

Envisio simplifies strategy execution. The team is using Envisio to manage strategy, align staff with priorities, deliver plans and report on results to meet the expectations of City Council and build trust with its diverse community.

Who Should Consider?

Any city, town or county that wants to effectively track the execution of its strategic or operational plans, improve performance and communicate progress to stakeholders.

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