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Small city of Baldwin, GA with <5K residents reduces info calls to City Hall by 50%

Baldwin, GA, USA

Government Champion

City Clerk


Zero upfront cost to local government
4 Thousand USD
4 Thousand USD

Project Status

Operational since 2021


Project Type

At a Glance

With a population under 5,000 residents, Baldwin’s small staff was still able to create a 'big city' online presence by replacing their outdated website with a communications solution including a modern website, improved publication processes, and services offerings with no additional IT support required.

Problem Addressed

The City of Baldwin had a very basic web site that relied on WordPress, an open source website framework with known security issues. After over 10 years of use, it was showing its age. It required manual code changes to make site updates, caused residents to receive numerous browser alerts whenever they visited it, and did not offer mobile friendly options. This compounded the problems inherent with a lack of resources and understaffed team. Most of the service request forms were manual Word or PDF forms.

Subsequently, the City of Baldwin had problems communicating important information like water outages and public works repairs. Publishing the City Council and board meeting agendas, minutes and audio/video recordings was very challenging and often impossible. Residents had trouble finding even basic information, which led to large call volumes to City Hall (90% of which were routed directly to the City Clerk). This also led the City to become over reliant on their Facebook account to share information, causing the residents who don't use Facebook, for privacy or other reasons, to miss important announcements.

City of Baldwin used/is using SpotlightCMS with It’sMyTown to address this/these challenge(s).

Solution(s) Used

Although smaller in size than other communities, the City of Baldwin was able to upgrade to an enterprise-grade website that greatly improved their ability to communicate important information to their residents while also not breaking their budget. The City partnered with ITsimple to create a new secure and ADA compliant modern website with a refreshed design that provided better access to both information and services. The upgrade process was collaborative, with ITsimple representatives providing support to the City Clerk during every step, including visiting the city to take photos for the new website.

ITsimple helped the City of Baldwin not just upgrade their website, but also implement a new communications and publications solution that enabled them to quickly and easily share important information with their residents. ITsimple provides enterprise-grade quality solutions at a fraction of the cost, ensuring that there are scalable options for small towns looking to update their technology and resident communications. Previously, site updates required manual code changes which led to an overreliance on Facebook as a communication solution. It was a time-consuming process and slow to provide critical information when necessary. But with SpotlightCMS, they can now quickly and easily make content changes to the site and simultaneously publish those changes across all their social media accounts from one user-friendly dashboard. And they can do it with no IT support required.

SpotlightCMS pairs with free end user apps like It’sMyTown and CityGuards that put information and services in one location for residents and make it far easier for them to engage and find the information they need. The apps are freely available from Apple and Google app stores, have no privacy concerns or social media dependency because no registration is required and no personal information is gathered or stored, and help build a sense of community and support local engagement.


  1. Over 50% reduction in incoming information request calls made to City Hall
  2. 100% online presence with a new ADA compliant website, native-mobile app with It’sMyTown and portal integration to the City’s Facebook wall. All easily managed from a single dashboard
  3. 100% government transparency with required coverage of public meetings agendas, minutes, recordings
  4. One (1) unified platform to manage all things engagement in one place including public surveys and polls
  5. Zero (0) technical knowledge required to operate. Only one (1) training session was needed

Lessons Learned

  1. Small companies can provide the same quality as a more established firm while also doing it more affordably and with better customer service.
  2. Understaffed teams can save money, time and significantly increase their productivity by using one unified engagement platform.
  3. Unlike Facebook, It’sMyTown by ITsimple has no privacy concerns for residents and no liability risk for a municipality.
  4. It’sMyTown gives residents information access options and perfectly complements the web site by enabling notifications and the ability to save events with ease.
  5. Having a secure web site and not storing user data can save many compliance headaches and fines that result from a breach.

Something Unique

ITsimple believes in extraordinary customer service, both in how they treat their customers and in how they enable governments to serve their citizens with better information and access to services. When Baldwin's staff didn't have a resource available to take HD images, they sent a member of their team to do it for them! They will go to whatever lengths it takes to ensure their customers can offer the same level of customer service to their residents.

Who Should Consider?

Any small or midsize local government looking to upgrade their website and improve resident communications and engagement with real online presence.