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Asset, process, and workforce reliability improvements

San Francisco Bay Area, CA

This project includes developing solutions for workforce reliability and staff retention, process control improvements and reduced materials use, and asset reliability programs. The end result will be a holistic asset management program that allows the Agency to sustain improvements in these areas.

Topics Covered

Water Supply & Drought
Water Quality


Initial: 3 Million USD


General Fund/Existing Public Funds

Project Status

Operational since 2022

Gov Champion

Regional Water Agency Leadership

Problem Addressed

A Regional Water Treatment Agency was having issues with process control, asset reliability, and attracting and retaining personnel.

These issues were related to the strict permit requirements of coastal California, and the high cost of living of the greater Bay Area. Comprehensive program improvements were required to address each of these problems.

Solutions Used

The agency undertook a comprehensive plan intended to improve operations and eliminate the issues it was facing.

To address the issues the Agency was experiencing, Pinnacle developed a solution to attack each area as part of a comprehensive plan for Agency improvement. This meant developing workforce improvement strategies to improve collaboration and create a positive work culture, asset reliability strategies to manage both aging and new infrastructure and assets, and process control strategies to save materials costs and improve overall performance.



Process control improvements


Asset reliability improvements


Workforce reliability improvements


Reduced materials use (chemicals and energy)


Holistic asset management program development

Something Unique

This project combines all the elements of comprehensive reliability into one project. Ideally, all agencies and facilities could tackle their issues in a complete program, but often we see them being addressed one by one.

Who Should Consider

Any facility that would like to improve performance of assets, process, and workforce should consider this solution. The solution can be scaled for smaller agencies or facilities.

Last Updated

Mar 22nd, 2022
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