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3D Simulator Helps Santiago become a Sustainable City

Santiago, Santiago Metropolitan Region, Chile

A 3D digital platform was used by the City of Santiago to better understand their options when it came to major redevelopment projects and communicate more clearly with various stakeholders about tradeoffs.

Topics Covered

Redevelopment & Brownfields
Economic Inequality
Digital Divide
Law Enforcement and Emergency Response
Air Quality, Health, Noise
Pedestrian & Bicycle Safety
Mobility & Access


Initial: 500 Thousand EUR



Federal grants

Project Status

Operational since 2015

Gov Champion


Problem Addressed

The City of Santiago is working to make progress on many key urban challenges including reducing inequality, minimizing pollution, revitalizing public space and improving mobility. To inform their planning decisions, the city needed a way to better understand and quantify public opinion and use that data to assess the impacts of different redevelopment scenarios not only locally but across the entire city.

Solutions Used

First Siradel did a city scan which calculated more than 120 urban indicators classified by political issue to help the city better understand the issues most important to their residents, and define their urban redevelopment priorities.

This data was made available to all city stakeholders to get a shared and unique data referential and residents of Santiago via the city's website. Then, Siradel was able to leverage that data and model the impact of different downtown redevelopment projects using 3D technology at different scales (region, metropolitan area and city, specific projects). This helped the city to understand, through a virtual deployment, how different built or natural projects would impact the urban space. Within each proposed redevelopment project, the city was able to test out various water, waste, energy, transport technologies to understand how different scenarios would change.



Allowed Santiago to get an objective vision of a city through a comprehensive city scan


Enabled the city to benchmark and more easily capture, share best practices


Made decision making easier and sped up sustainability investments


Helped the city understand and explore synergies to break silos


Made it easier to share of information and communicate with residents

Something Unique

One of the first projects where the same 3D visualization and simulation tool was used by city, region and federal governments to improve decision making.

Who Should Consider

Any city looking to improve engagement with residents and other stakeholders in redevelopment planning.

Last Updated

Nov 13th, 2018
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