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24/7 Online Access Reduces Paperwork & Enhances Services

Atlanta, GA, USA

At a Glance

Goodwill of North Georgia, one of the region's important non-profit organizations, brought its career center online offering more efficient and timely services to job seekers, and enabling them to reach a whole new audience – those unable to visit in-person due to location, limited time, or disability.

Problem Addressed

Like many government agencies and non-profits, Goodwill of North Georgia struggled to meet the needs of all those who walked into their career centers. Everything was done on paper and valuable information was often lost as staffers had to manually enter it. Data was frequently outdated as clients continued to receive training, find jobs and further their career goals.

Solution(s) Used

Goodwill of North Georgia worked with CaseWorthy to create and implement a custom virtual employment center that extends access to a wider net of job seekers, including those who aren’t able to travel to their career centers in person. With the new software, employment resources can be accessed online anytime, from anywhere with an internet connection. Since job seekers can pre-enter their information online or using a kiosk in the career center there are fewer duplicates and data entry errors that often go along with paper registration processes.

The CaseWorthy system allows program managers to customize online dashboards to display the specific information that career center employees need to do their jobs – photos, lists of data, charts and graphs. Plus, using CaseWorthy’s data analytics and reporting features, staff can segment data any way they want to get an up-close view – in real-time – of the different career programs and services being offered, who’s enrolled and even who is actively using the tools available.


  1. Anytime, anywhere access to online employment resources enhances the quality of services being delivered to job seekers in the region.
  2. The ability to enter information online helps to reduce the duplicates and errors that go along with any manual, paper-based registration process.
  3. Career center staff can easily access analytics and reporting tools to see exactly which programs had the biggest impact for job seekers.

Who Should Consider?

Any community or community organization that wants to support local job seekers by bringing career center services.