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ELGL’s Best of Water

Citizen Science for King Tide Flooding

Broward County , FL , United States
At a Glance: Low-lying coastal areas of Broward County can be impacted by flooding from high tide events. To help document locations and severity of flooding, Broward County launched a citizen science effort that encouraged citizens to submit geotagged pictures of flooding via their smartphones.
The challenges this project addresses are: Flooding, Coastal & Tidal Flooding, Sea Level Rise, Education, Citizen Engagement, Civic Technology
Low-lying coastal areas of Broward County can be impacted by flooding from high tide events. These often time occur during the fall (August-November) with the peak usually occurring the King Tide (Highest tide of year) in October. Improving data about the timing, locations and severity of flooding due to King Tides is a top priority in the County to addressing flood concerns.
Broward County used/is using citizen science to address this/these challenge(s).
The County issued groups "King Tide Kits," refractometers, to community groups to help track and report tidal flooding at six flood-prone sites. Citizen participants were then encouraged to submit pictures of flooding using an application on their smartphones.
  • Improved document of current flood risk in coastal areas
  • Help citizens visualize the impacts of future sea level rise in their community
  • Verify climate change models by comparing model predictions with the high-tide reality
Local Government Champion: Natural Resources Planning and Management Department
Something Unique: Citizen science results can be viewed on an interactive storymap! Access here:
Who should consider? Any community struggling with flooding issues, particularly those that are seeking to engage residents in flood mitigation & resilience efforts.

Broward County, FL