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No Cost LED Conversion + Student Engagement

San Diego , CA , United States
At a Glance: This project integrates energy efficiency upgrades with sustainability education and job training at no upfront or ongoing cost to the school that’s implementing it.
The challenges this project addresses are: Workforce Development, Education, CO₂ Reduction, Buildings, Energy Efficiency, Renewables
Budgets are a constant challenge for schools, including The Taylion High Desert and San Diego Academies. The Taylion High Desert and San Diego Academies, just like most other schools, are constantly looking for ways to do more for their students with less money. The Academies' outdated, inefficient lighting was a great opportunity to simultaneously 1) save money and 2) offer new learning opportunities for students.
Taylion High Desert and San Diego Academies used/is using LED technology and Lighting as a Service to address this/these challenge(s).
The Taylion High Desert and San Diego Academies are converting all of their fluorescent lighting to LED technology using funding from Proposition 39, a program in CA that funds energy efficiency and renewable energy projects in public education institutions. The upfront cost of the project is completely covered by Prop 39 funding, and because lumeo’s Lighting as a Service (LaaS) model provides ongoing O&M, the entire project is 100% free of charge to Taylion. Unlike most LED upgrades, this project will engage students throughout the conversion process. Working with lumeo, Taylion students will learn how to audit lighting systems and perform corresponding energy and financial analyses. In addition, at the end of the project on their own campus, students will audit the local Boys and Girls club and present findings to management to help the organization understand the benefits of upgrading to LED technology.
  • Significant energy savings – estimates include a 79 percent energy reduction
  • Significant lifetime maintenance savings – estimates include a $364,287 reduction
Local Government Champion: Private schools - not a local government department
Something Unique: Students are conducting the lighting audits and corresponding energy and financial analyses
Who should consider? Municipalities and school districts that have not yet upgraded lighting systems in publicly-owned buildings to LED technology.