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Energy Efficiency Job Training, San Diego Schools

The San Diego Unified School District piloted an internship program aimed at teaching students about sustainability—one of the fastest growing job markets in the United States—through real-world applications of energy efficiency technologies such as LED upgrades. High school seniors learned how to audit lighting systems and perform energy/financial calculations. Students performed a lighting audit of their campus and presented the energy and financial impact of an LED upgrade to school and district administration. Of twenty college-bound students who participated in the program, ten now want to study energy or sustainability (not a single student was interested pre-internship). Of two career-bound students who participated in the program, both now want to be electricians (neither did pre-internship). Five particularly interested students are helping audit the San Diego Natural History Museum to develop more experience.

  • Project Type:

    Workforce Development


    CO₂ Reduction


    Energy Efficiency


  • Motivation:

    Sustainable city

  • Status:


  • Financing Type:

    Savings as a Service

    Performance Contracting