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River Wensum Restoration

United Kingdom
At a Glance: Atkins delivered an integrated solution to the UK’s largest river restoration project. It is the first of its kind in England to consider restoration on a catchment scale and will act as a national pilot. We provided specialist services including aquatic ecology, geomorphology as well as river restoration design and implementation. The River Wensum Restoration Strategy was developed by Natural England, the Environment Agency and the Water Management Alliance. The strategy identifies factors affecting the natural functioning of the channel and the need to bring the river back to a favourable ecological condition. Atkins was tasked to implement this strategy and conduct feasibility studies for the 70km river catchment area in Norfolk. As of March 2014 we had completed 6 major restoration schemes on the river. A total of 12.46km of river has been restored.
The challenges this project addresses are: Flooding, Stormwater Management, Chronic Stressors, Ecosystem Degradation, Basic Services, Water Quality