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Durrat Al Bahrain Desalination Facility

At a Glance: Durrat Al Bahrain is a development owned by the Durrat Khaleej Al Bahrain Company, a joint holding between the Government of the Kingdom of Bahrain and Kuwait Finance House. The development hosts 45,000 permanent residents, more than 4,000 daily visitors, and includes 12 islands, a 400-berth marina, a water park and an Ernie Els golf course. Atkins designed a seawater desalination facility located in the utilities area of the island from which irrigation water will be pumped to the whole resort, coordinating a sea outfall design for return brine and providing an intake gallery for the feed water. The plant is a seawater reverse osmosis (SWRO) plant, the preferred system for large-scale projects because of its flexibility. Its installation was staged to suit the differing phases of the resort's development. The anticipated ultimate average demand for desalinated irrigation water is 32,000 m³ per day, which includes an allowance for supply to the proposed district cooling facility.
The challenges this project addresses are: Chronic Stressors, Water Supply & Drought, Basic Services, Water Quality